My wedding favors

hi everyone, im getting married in 2012 and instead of giving favors i want to donate the money to jos trust, i have been in touch with jos and i will ring soon to sort it out but im looking for ideas as to what i can give people as a reminder of the donation…

i was thinking of a little card with jos trust logo on and there name and our wedding date etc???

if anybody has any ideas or would like to make something i can give people as a favor but the money to go to jos trust please let me no. thankyou x

I made phone charms with the cc teal ribbon and was selling them on ebay for to raise money but I don’t think I have enough. Would be nice to have something with the Jo’s logo now I think.


were did you get the cc ribbon?

I ordered them from the US - there are many available.

Could you pm me the details please?

I don’t have the details any more as it was ages ago I’m afraid. But if you google “cervical cancer charms” you should be able to find some.