My update

hey ladies

as some of you may know my gynae history is as long as my arm(you can see in my signature)

i still haven't been allowed to have an early smear. I was given antibiotics for the postcoitial bleeding, didn't work. I had groin pain some time ago and had a ct of my kidneys. Kidneys were fine except my uterus was bulky with free fluid. No one has done anything. I visited my local GUM clinic who gave me the antibiotic, who said I should be under "consultant only care". For about 3 weeks now I've had more frequent soft dark stools. I changed my diet and this hasn't changed anything. A consultant called and left a message saying she was going to call next week to discuss things with me. I haven't mentioned the stools yet. 

Had anyone had all these problems 2 years after LletZ? 

im constantly getting infections. Just recovered from mild pneumonia and have had an external ear infection for a year (under ENT care). My white blood cells are up every time I have blood tests.

My partner is getting fed up, lack of "activity" well none to be precise. And something is always wrong with me.

i was diagnosed with sleep apnea some months ago but I'm still exhausted despite CPAP.

I'm at my wits end.

sorry to rant 

Hi. Poor you! You really have had a rough ride! This is a long shot, but are you taking iron tablets or a multi vit with lots of iron? Just wondering re the stool thing as iron can make it very dark. As the docs have you pretty well covered with antibiotics, I would demand another colp so they can have a closer look! Really hope you get sorted Hon, h x