My symptoms- has it spread

Hi ladies....I'm new to this so please bare with me and my ramblings :-) basically i went for my 1st ever smear at the end of may, I then received a letter on the 13th of june to say I had high grade dyskariosis and half an hour later, a phone call from the hospital to say would I go in the following day (14th of June) for an appointment with a gynaecologist, once their she told me I needed lettz treatment, I had the procedure and after wards she told me she had to take away a large part of my cervix and was sending it away for biopsy...I would hear from them in 4-6 weeks. However when I got home there was a letter waiting with an appointment for 6th July to go back to this point I was panicking!! And to add to that...on the 26th of June I recieved a phone call from the hospital to say my appointment had been brought forward and they needed to see me I agreed to an appointment on the 29th of June. I went in and was told by a gynae-oncologist that they found grade 3 cervical cancer :-( while I sat there with the dr and 2 macmillan nurses my 1 thought was I'm 26 with 5 children aged between 1-9...I can't leave my babies behind...sorry I'm rambling now. So they then told me that there will be a multI disciplinary meeting on Monday (today) to decide what is the best course of action for management/treatment, but is most likely that I will have surgery to remove more of my cervix. So I guess my question Is guys, does anyone have a similar experience please?? I've been symptomatic for over 3 years but because I didnt fit the age criteria my gp would not investigate, I've been battling fatigue, pain, trouble urinating, bowel symptoms, no appetite, bloating, nausea, and almost constant joint pain, now I'm scared that it will have spread beyond the drs abilities to cure me and I'm terrified. Thank you all for reading and for any replies in advance. Mari xxx


I am so sorry you are experiencing this. I don't have any experience of your situation but I didn't want to read and run. 

It seems to be that this is a very treatable form of cancer and things are moving quickly for you. Have you called the helpline? I have found them very helpful and it felt better to talk to somebody who understood. What is the next step for you? Xx

Hi tigger82 thank you, I am going to give the helpline a call :) I have just had a call from my Macmillan nurse, and the multi disciplinary meeting for my treatment plan is being held this Friday and not i fact Monday like I 1st thought, the good news is though that she will ring me the same day and tell me the plan going if I can ride out my anxiety till Friday then I should have some answers, far as I'm aware the next step for me is an operation xx

Hi Marigrant,

 sounds like they think it's operable which is great. That means early stage and they can take it out. It's hard waiting but their first thoughts are normally right.



Hi Gillyppp, thanks for ur reply :) they confused me somewhat, because they told me stage 3 but then it's early stages, I thought stage 3 was quite advanced but I was in no frame of mind to ask further because I was a little in shock I think. Xxx

I think grade is different to stage! So ask them to clarify!!

HI gillyppp I have confirmed with my nurse that it is stage 3 Hun I just wasn't sure if they were saying that its early stages so as not to worry me or it was an indication that it is the less advanced of the 2 stages that stage 3 can be (if that makes sense lol) 

ah I see. I've seen lots and lots of people with stage 3 on here that have had successful treatment! So hunt them out and ask them about their experience. They'll give you the best support as you go through this. It's crap, it really is, but it is treatable and you will get through it. Xxx