My success story

Hi all

i have posted a few posts on here whilst I was awaiting my Colopscopy and after I had my Colopscopy however I have never got round to telling people my outcome I got my letter to go for my first smear test I am 24 years old with no children when I got my letter I waa actually happy as strange as that sounds as Iv aways been scared of having cervical cancer and not knowing anything about it little dramatic. I went for my smear Which to be honest wasn't pleasent howver didn't hurt a week later I recieved my results telling me I had high grade dykvoskis well that was it i was a mess thinking I had cancer I cried and cried and was a mess for days. I got my letter through telling me I had to go for a Colopscopy two weeks later which I attended having googled a lot I built it up to be worse than it was the nurses were amazing made ME feel comfy and re assured me through out and again it didn't hurt one but I waited over two weeks And still no results so I called the hospital to be told I have all clear and just have to attend another smear in a year I hope this helps people who are worried xx