My Story

Hi Everyone 

im new here. I’m from Melbourne Australia but I can’t find any aussie forums like this. 

this is my story, I’ll try to condense it. 

In Jan this year we wanted to try for our second child. I did the right thing and booked a Pap smear. had it done and it came back as high grade changes and HPV 16. 

I was sent for a colposcopy ( spelling ? ) she took 3 biopsy’. 

The results came back and I was rushed into the gyno office and told I have cancer. 

Life changed. 

Now I was seen very quickly through public health as I have a history of anxiety and this was obviously a massive trigger. 

Gyno ongcologist did cone biopsy in March. She took 2.5cms. 

Results came back - no cancer - very high CIN 3 and a lot of it. They argued over my case for a while before deciding Im ok. 

They told me I cannot try to fall pregnant until 6 months post op. So I started counting down and getting ready. 


4 month check up was yesterday. ( meant to be 3 but delayed ) 

she couldnt even look at my cervix. It’s so closed over that I now have to have more surgery to re open It. 


Im so upset. I was nearly done with this. 

sorry for typing on phone hiding in toilet 

Hi Wonderheart I didn't want to read and run and just wanted to say I'm sorry you're going through this and I'm sending you virtual hugs. The whole experience is awful. Next year I will be having a hysterectomy and I will be glad to say I'll never be able to have cervical cancer again. But it's more surgery, more recovery, more anxiety. But we'll get through it because we have to and it'll all be ok. If you're struggling with anxiety, see your GP. You'll be through it soon x