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Hi Everyone


It all started months ago, I started to get bleeding, post coital and inbetwen, nothing to bad, then the discharge started, just a bit to start but kept coming and getting more and more.  I thought maybe my coil was playing up so didnt really take anything too seriously.  I had a day off work (im a student mental health nurse) and went the doc innner voice just wouldnt stop.  I told the GP my problema and he got me an appointment with the nurse at the surgery who did an internal that day.  Whilst doing the internal she stopped and said 'this is very abnormal, very abnormal, do you always bleed like this?' she got the gp who came into the room and said he was going to refer me.


7 weeks later I get a letter from my GP from the 'choose and book', so I logged on and managed to get a call back to make me an appointment for 2 weeks later.  The choose and book rang and I got an appointment with the hospital for two weeks after.  I went to the hospital and the Doctor had a look and she said there was an abnormal patch on my cervix and that she was going to refer me for a colposcopy.

During this time I went back to my GP and eneded up talking to a locum, when I expplained my worry he laughed and said I was too overweight to have cancer and that if I had had symptoms of cancer for 4 months I would be seriously ill in bed as cancer spreads quickly, he also said he betted his doctor certificate that it wasn't cancer.

Two weeks later I got my appointment, got up on the table and the Doctor began her examination my cervix, she said to the student nurse 'this is not good this is bad', she left the room and got the nurse specialist who was lovely took 3 punch biopsys and we had a chat.  I was obviously very upset (locum had scared me to death) and as I left the room the doctor rubbed my arm and said she was very very sorry..................

Anyway biopsy results came back monday I have CC, saw a wonderful Consultant today who explained everything, I have stage 1B and am having a full hysterectomy.  I am booked for a MRI scan but he isn't worried about that as they had examined the pictures and said it looks contained and as my cervix is still soft and not hardened he doesnt believe it has gone into any Lymphnodes.  He also said it isnt an aggressive cancer.


I have felt every emotion and really believed I was going to die, my advice is listen to your gut instinct.



Hi didn't want to read and run . 

I'm so sorry your going through this , thank god you are attuned to your body and didn't listen to the idiotic doctor who would bet he's doctor certificate ! 

I think if that was me I would make an apt to see him again  and then complain ! 

U have come to the right place women on her are fantastic and give you more strength to fight harder

Take care



If you can bear it, I would definitely encourage you to give some feedback to your GP surgery about that locum. He shouldn't be giving people wrong information like that and certtainly shouldn't be mocking patients.

Anyway it's great to hear that you have a consultant you can 'do business' with. There are some very genuine caring and skilled  people out working in this area and if yours is anything like mine was, you'll be in good hands.

You've got a way to go, but we're here to support each other so keep in touch. Good luck. x

Thanks Rosehip, Had my MRI and am getting the results on Monday the consultant said that if my lymph nodes are clear it will be full steam ahead and a hysterectomy will booked and done by the end of August. I have everything crossed, the locum was a prat and he will be answering a few questions just going to wait till after treatment.  The consultant has written to my doctors to ask why it took such a long time to get the ball rolling.  Thanks for the support, no one really understands, this is why this forum is vital.  I hope you doing okay and thankyou for the reply to my post :)

Hi Emma,

Yes that locum is a complete idiot. Im sorry you had to go through that. Good luck for your MRI results on Monday. We are all here for you.  Tess xxx 

What an idiot and rude doctor sorry you got bad news but hopefully everything will be sorted soon be thinking of you pls let me know how you get on sending huge hugs xxxx

Hi Guys

Feeling very anxious this morning waiting for these results, the worst bit is waiting for someone else to decide on what is going to happen.  I had a lovely phone call from my CSN on Friday, we talked about treatment and she said that if in my lymph nodes then I will have the radiotherapy and chemo and the internal radiotherapy, but no hysterectomy.  This worried me a little in that I think that psychologically if they remove everything then I will feel emotionally like it has been removed, I worry that if they don't remove it will come back.  

I think most of us on this site will have a bit of a 'has the cancer come back' worry.  I cannot praise the hospital enough but all my treatment befre hand has been terrible......... Thankyou everyone who has replied to my posts its nice to know others have the sdame fear and thoughts as me, my family and friends have been fab but its not quite the same as someone who has actually had it.

Kind regards

Emma x