my story so far

Hi Ladies


my last post would have made any sence to most people on here so i thought i would give you my stert to present.

My first smear aged 25 in may 2013 came back as severe dyskaryosis. I was terrified!!! I didn't understand anything and i was a complete emotional wreck. Luckily for me I have a very supportive family as well as my Partner and our daughter who is now 4.

I was sent for a colposcopy , personally i thought labour was bad... this was terrible. my aneasthetic didn't work and i was in agony. I had LLETZ treatment, the doctor wasnt very sympathetic and shoved a load of leaflets in my hand and off i went. i was in so much pain a few hours later i went to my GP who prescribed me Tramadol. That worked Tongue Out

my biopsy came back 8 WEEKS later!!!! CIN3 with unlear margins. I was told i would be on 3 monthly smears untill i have 3 consecutive clear ones. 

In november 2013 i had my second smear. High Risk HPV. i was sent to colposcopy again. Same crappy doctor again. my heart sunk. he took one look..."you look fine, goodbye". what the????? no iodene nothing, just a binocular look.

and that was that. I was then told smears back on 3 yearly. this all sounded a bit odd to me but hey ho. i just thought id get on eith it.

fast forward to 2014. February i had a misscarriage at 6 weeks. the day i found out i was pregnant. okay i can deal with this. onwards and upwards. 3 months later I collapsed in severe pain, blue lights and sirens to the hospital i went. Ruptured ectopic and moderate internal bleeding. I was off to emergency surgery. 

the surgeon came and told me i could have died. but at the time i wasnt scared nor upset. i just wanted to get better. 

after a few months i started getting very deressed about it all. I nearly died and the fact i felt useless as a woman that i could no longer carry children. 

after talking it out with family i felt better after a while. but then November came and i had another miscarriage. Okay now i know there is something wrong with me. i had to have a D&C because not all the pregnancy had removed.

i had been feeling more tired but i put it down to depression, like the doctor had said. 

then all the other symptoms began to follow. 

having to wear a pad every day because my bleeding was so erratic. i could bead for a few hours up to 17 days. i have to nap every day because im exhauseted. ( the dr blamed it on sleep apnea. where i was sent to a sleep clinic and given a cpap machine. tried it for a good 4-5 months and didnt work. i mentioned to the sleep nurse that ive had all these gynae problems and that i was getting night sweats. bearing in mind im now 27 years old.

i went to my GP numerous times and explained i couldnt take the gynae problems anymore. it was seriously affecting my life. and all she said to me "oh the joys of being a woman" 

finally i just thought maybe i am just being silly. bollox to it, ill get a coil fitted, something i have been trying to do for over 2 years but there has always been a problem.

soooooo it now comes to last week, 9th july 2015. i went to see this lovely consultant at the GUM/Colposcopy clinic. she ultrasounded me and said everything looks good. obviously i explained my problems. she asked, are ypou bleeding now, i reply yes.

examination starts and she looks just as horrified as me. "gosh you wernt kidding about your bleeding" she began to panic and said to the assistant, i need more swabs there is way too much blood. she theen said this blood is coming from your cervix, when was your last smear. well im not due one till next year but was planning on having one privately. 

she then said, "a woman of your age SHOULD NOT BE BLEEDING LIKE THIS!!!" and wasnt happy with the way my cervix looked.

she told be she was taking a pipelle Biopsy of my cervical canal and endometrium to check for cancer.

finally i am being listened too, but i have never know cervical cancer be diagnosed by pipelle biopsy. has anyone else had this?

i have an appointment in 3 weeks time for my results. 

sorry to bore you all with my story, i just needed to get it all off my chest. 



I don't have an answer to your question but just wanted to comment before leaving. Trust your instincts,  what an ordeal to have gone through so far.  Fingers crossed you get results soon. All the best :)

Thank you my lovely. I kind of wanted to share my experience and ask questions at the same time xx

My goodness what it takes to get heard! Good on you for sticking with your instincts like emma said. I wish you all the best with the next bit and hopefully the doctors will start listening to what you're saying. I've never heard of a pipelle biopsy im afraid so can't answer your question but hopefully someone else on here will be able to :) xxx

Hi there, What an incredibly emotional and exhausting journey you have been on to be heard. I'm truly shocked by some of the responses you have gotten over this time. I've never heard of a pipelle biopsy either but it could be that it's the method used to take what is essentially a sample of tissue rather than a special procedure as such. I'm sure they won't mind you calling and asking if you want clarification. 

I wish you the best of luck. Whatever the outcome of your biopsy you are now in safe hands and can try to rest in the knowledge that something is being done for you.


Hey Sammie,

I remember talking with you back in 2013 - I can't beleive this is still going on for you! Well done for sticking with it and I wish you all the best with the results.

Really hope you get some answers soon xx

Hi Sammie,

As Jo said above, I remember speaking with you! I hope things are ok with you and that you've finally got some answers! I've got everything crossed for you x