My story p1 as stupid ipad

Hopefully helpful to those in awful waiting period

Normal first smear - HPV wasn't checked back then

next routine smear on time abnormal results - low grade changes

colposcopy booked approx 2 weeks later - 3 biopsies done, mentioned an area she didn't like but thought I would be borderline 1/2 

Letter received 2 weeks later CIN3 confirmed lletz booked 2 weeks later - starting to get very worried now


My story p2

anyway saw dress paperwork at appt and it said CIN 2/3 so asked why I was told CIN3 and he said it would always be rounded up to highest CIN present

3 weeks later I called in for another matter (damn bleeding!) and told my results were in and clear margins! :-) so so happy, next step smear in 6 months at GP to make sure no nasties left

wanted to write as read a lot of negative posts when I was worrying myself silly and it's always nice to get the fuller picture

off to live my life to the full now and attend hope it never comes back!