My story -diagnosed at 26 weeks pregnant

I've signed up to Jo's Trust in the hope that my story may help someone in a similar situation. I'm 31 years old. After bleeding on and off throughout my pregnancy I was diagnosed with stage 1b cervical cancer whilst I was 26 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I was seen at the fantastic [Name of hospital removed] where various options were discussed and it was decided that I would have a c section followed by a radical hsterectomy at 32 weeks pregnant. My little girl was in hospital 3 weeks and did amazingly well (and still is at 14 weeks). My recovery went well although the first few days were not easy. Not being able to walk that first day was a massive shock! Note for people having a hysterectomy....plenty of mint tea as it really helps beat the gas pains. 

I was told after the operation that they had taken out 31 lymph nodes for testing. I did suffer with a strange side effect from these being removed...I started leaking fluid about 10 days after my operation and it lasted around 3 weeks. I did go for tests to ensure the liquid wasn't urine and it was found to be lymph fluid. Cancer was found in 2 of the lymph nodes so it was recommended I have chemo radiation. Armed with all the information I started around 8 weeks after the operation. Having being told the side effects of the treatment I was convinced I would be house bound for 5 weeks. This wasnt the case. The chemo I had, cisplatin, was ok and although the days themselves were long and tiring me and my partner passed them by reading magazines, watching TV and eating sweets. I drank a lot of water which was recommended by the nurse. I didn't feel sick but I took the anti sickness drugs prescribed....better to prevent than cure i say! Now the's my last external session tomorrow (25 in total) and I have yet to have 2 internal sessions. It's only in the last few days that i've been experiencing an upset stomach which I think is good considering I haven't changed my diet and have been out for meals etc as normal. I experienced a slight feeling of a water infection the other night but I drank so much water that cleared up within a couple of hours. I'm feeling much more tired than normal but I do have to travel 45 minutes each way to the hospital and I've got a new baby so i cant necessarily blame the treatment for that!

I'm really looking forward to the treatment being over so I can enjoy time with my baby. I feel so lucky things have turned out like they have...just hope that it never comes back! Any questions...just ask. I know how much I googled being pregnant with cervical cancer when I was diagnosed so hope this helps somebody. 


Firstly congratulations on your baby!

Wow you have been through a lot, well done you for being so strong and brave and still thinking of helping others.  I am sure your post will help others in same situation. 

Enjoy your time with your baby. Xx


Goodness, what a journey! Congratulations on your baby girl, I imagine she keeps you busy and distracted! Hopefully the rest of your treatment will pass as smoothly as possible. The forums are definitely a great source of support and information so keep talking here xx

lovely up-beat post :-) Thank you.

Stay lucky :-)

What a wonderful story.  You've been through so much but sound so positive and strong.  Wishing you full and speedy recovery - you have a lifetime of happy times with your daughter to look forward to!



Thank you very much for your lovely comments x x

We're all here for each other don't be scared to ask anything I don't mind being private messaged as I'm sure a lot of the ladies aren't if you want any advice or a chat xx

Hi I was just reading your story, and am going through somthing similar, im am 24 and 33 weeks pregnant I have been diagnosed with stage 1b1 cervical cancer and the same outcome has been planned for me tomorrow, so will have a csection followed straight away by a radical hysterectomy, j have come to terms with my treatment but am struggling and worry about the surgery so much, any advice or reassurance would be lovely, as I'm struggling to find others in situation 

Hi Sammy,


I didn't see any follow up here but can you let me know how things turned out for you. Mhy wife is in the same situation now although 24 weeks pregnant. 


Let me know thanks!

Wow im so so sorry! I havnt been on the forum for quite some time! I hope everything has worked out well for you! My little man is now 2 and half years old and i am also doing really well, still in remission now! I apologise for my lacl of comunicatoon, but hope everytuing has worked out for the best xx