My smokefree update

Hi ladies

ok so this is week 3, and still on 24 hour patches but starting to feel the benefits already :smiley: .

Today I managed to literally run up a hill into town that usually when I get to the top I am shattered no not today I felt great,in fact when I got to the top I started chuckling to myself,people must of thought I was thinking naughty thoughts :lol: I was just so chuffed with myself.

I have had my down days and a couple of times felt like the men in white coats should have carted me off really lost the plot :evil: , only problem now is I am addicted to caburys buttons ha ha.The cravings are getting less I think my bod must be getting used to patches, still having the strangest dreams thats quite a funny side affect of the patches.I feel I have a long way to go but I am getting there and it does motivate me when I can feel the difference in my health already.
Oh well onwards and upwards, no more the slave to nicotine.
will let you now how it goes.


Thats fabulous, well done!!

Was thinking about you the other day wondered if you had managed to give up. Its so hard but so worth it, keep going!!!

Paula xx

Hey Janina,

That is so great! Well done! My dad gave up smoking a few years ago and he said it was really tough, so you’re doing so well. Hang in there and keep munching those Buttons (they’re so yummy)


hi janina

just to tag onto your update, well done, im 4 weeks tomorrow ciggie free… yippee… no patches, chewing gum nothing, just dont feel like one, i am feeling quite pleased with myself. even been out for a drink (know all places are non smoking) and went outside with my friend while she lit up, thought i would have given in and taken one but i didnt.

so you keep up the good work, well done

lindsay x