my sister had severe bleeding after lletz, top hat... it's stopped should we still call a doctor?



This is quite urgent, it is now 22.20 and she's been driven back to a christmas holiday cottage.


I told her the bleedign was normal - because i read it happens - about seven percent. and now i don't know if i reassured her without knowing 


i read somewehre if you get severe bleeding go back to hospitla , but it's slowed down a lot now????


Should i get a doctor to call her?  I don't want to if it is only for my peace of minnd, she\s been through enough.

Hi Cloud Dog!

You sound like a very caring sister - she's lucky to have you. :)

I can tell you are really worried but I don't feel in a position to advise you.  I didn't bleed properly after my LLETZ  but I know lots of the women on here did. You probably won't get a huge response at this time and it sounds like you need some reassurance ASAP.  How about phoning 111? 

Good luck with it and I wish your sister well. I hope she will be taking it easy tomorrow!

Kirsty x

Hi cloudDog,

sorry you are having this worry. When was the lletz? Some bleeding is normal, but not severe. Do you know if it was bright red and gushing? I presume you won't be with her? I had severe bleeding a couple of weeks after lletz, I was soaking a pad an hour and then passing large blot clots. I definitely should have sought medical advice before I did. 


Molly xxx

Hello cloud dog, as kirsty says you are indeed a lovely sister. I had a different type of treatment for abnormal cells many years ago &didnt have bleeding afterwards. I'm not totally sure about the best procedure here but if you are confident that the heavy bleeding has stopped then I would think that your sister would be ok, however if it were to start again then I would be taking her to hospital. As moltz says you could certainly phone 111 for reassurance. I hope that everything will be well with your sister & I wish you both the best Christmas possible. Take care of you too my dear. My thoughts & prayers are with u both.