My screening story and what to expect after Leep Procedure?

Hello Ladies, Although I have only been an active member on this page for around 2 hours, I cannot even begin to tell you how much comfort and reassurance this page has given me over the last year. I'll start by saying that over the last year I have had so many things shoved up my vagina (and may I say that not one of them was even the slightest bit pleasant... hehe) I've just turned 23 and around a year ago I had suffered a very prolonged period. I went to my GP and was dismissed several times and was told it was a 'contraceptive pill problem' without a discussion about how servere the bleeding was or even an examination. However, 2 months later I started passing out (due to anemia from the loss of blood) and it was only at this point that I was taken seriously by my GP. I was sent to have hormone tests and a transvaginal ultrasound (which really isn't as scary as it sounds... I pinky swear) and was told that I had a small mass in my uterus which was most likely a polyp and the probable cause of my bleeding. An appointment was then arranged for me to have my polyp removed and I was also advised to have the Mirena Coil fitted at the same time. About 2 months later I attended my polyp removal (I can't remember what the procedure is called) and when they inserted the camera... they realised... that there was no polyp....*cue spooky music* so they inserted my coil and took a smear test, which caused some controversy amongst my current gynaecologist due to my age (23). 2 weeks later I was diagnosed with HPV and told I would need to come in and have a colposcopy. The team and nurses were absolutely fantastic and I can't praise them more. I was told that there was a small concentration of abnormality (no more then CIN II) and that a small biopsy would need to be taken). 6 weeks after that I had a letter arrive which stated that I had every level of CIN up to CIN III and also had CGIN and would need to come in for Loop Diathermy Treatment. I had my treatment on Thursday (which really isn't as scary or as painful as you think it will be ladies) and for the past few days have been experiencing really, really watery smelly discharge (not horrendous, but not pleasant either) Please can anyone tell me if this Is normal for women to experience this side effect after this procedure? My gyne is exteamly busy and I don't want to unnecessarily bother her if this is a normal side effect. Thanks again ladies, this forum is incredible! xxx