My results

hI everyone,

my second post here 

I had a colposcopy followed by a lletz treatment 12 days ago. I was advised to wait 4 weeks for my results through the post. As you can imagine, same as everyone else, I couldnt stand waiting. 

I rang the hospital today in the hope that I would get my results. The receptionist informed me that the doctor has received the results and had to look at them, then produce a letter to be sent off to me, and to wait 2 weeks. 


If you have these results, if you have the capability to give me the all clear I'm needing, why wouldn't you do it? She told me she is not medically trained, which I understand, so why cannot the Dr tell me? If it was something serious, they'd have called me ASAP surely? 

I then called my local GP surgery in the hope that a doctor there could call the hospital, explain the severe anxiety I am going through waiting on these results, and have him call me back with them!

No. My GP doesn't do call outs.

The receptionist at my local GP surgery then booked me an apt tomorrow morning with a nurse practitioner to discuss my results. I questioned whether or not she will be able to see my results on screen? She said yes. How is that possible? How a nurse practitioner see them? if so, why am I the last to know? Why am I waiting yet another two weeks just to have all this in writing? It's ludacris. I have 100% faith in that I will walk in to that surgery as nervous as hell expecting this news, only to be told no more than I already know.

Can anyone shed a little light on this situation for me please? Has anyone else tried to get there results before the guided 4 weeks? 

All messages very welcome.

kelly. X

hi,please dont panic,results are not given over the phone or by letter(most of the time)(legal reasons aswell)you did well pushed for them quicker.I think they/doctors/nurse just like to check /make sure they are aware of how you are handling everything /i am waiting for results next weds(lletz,bopspy wed 24,results told 2 weeks,would be on valium waiting 4 weeks,but some cases people wait up to 6 weeks,mad) ,i will be sitting outside either my gp surgery waiting to open,or at the hospital i n the gynea clinic,just to say hello and politely ask if i can see my gynea/or gynea nurse just for a few mins.Waiting is awful,hope that helps,go and have chat with mcmillian nurse(not saying you are ill)just that they know the process and could explain/or in my case my first time waiting they phoned the hospital for me and helped me sort out a solution,also high grade smear awaiting results now/take care  

just like to add i think i would be thinking the same as you that the nurse will not be able(not qualified enough)to give results might have to be doctor(or is she specialist gynae nurse)might be worth checking surgery again if the nurse is qualified to give results,saves getting worked uo for nothing(again)

Thanks so much for your reply.

my partners Mum is a macmillian nurse, and this is exactly what I shall do. Haven't kept her up to date until now, but I will now.

thanks again, and good luck with everything. X

Hi good luck with your results. I had my procedure 8 weeks ago today and still no results. I rang the hospital last week and apparently they are still waiting for results from the end of April! I had mine dome 12th May. I just hope I have the all clear as if I don't I could have had treatment and I feel like I have wasted 8 weeks. Hopefully I should have the soon. I'm going to ring them tomorrow if I've not heard anything today 

Emma x

I'm still playing the waiting game with mine, it been 2 weeks now, two more potential weeks to go, it's too long to wait, it's horrible, I'm ready to start kicking doors down for answers!

I hope your results are ok xx