My relationship since treatment

Since my treatment finished  I feel like my partner does not  feel  physically  attracted to me know more I'm so in love with him I have tried talking to.him he says I'm being  silly 

I think relationships can be tricky even without cancer being thrown into it. It’s hard to talk about things as no one wants to mention how scary the outcome could be. We have had to talk about my death as things have to be put in place for my young kids if the worst happens but it’s not something my partner is comfortable talking about. His normal response is that he doesn’t want to think about it.!

maybe your partner too just finds it hard to communicate his feelings to you and cancer will be a roller coaster for our loved ones as well as us. Plus the whole treatment can affect things like sex etc so maybe your partner is giving  you space as he doesn’t want to push things which you then take as him not being attracted to you. 

I think we have to just take the time to create speacial times with those we love - maybe you could talk to someone who you could tell more details too and see what they recommend? And maybe the menopause affects the way we feel too. 

wishing you well in your relationship x

Thanks for your reply maybe u are right about him not wanting to push me maybe in  time things  will get better I certainly hope so