My partner is worried , as am i

Hi everyone ,
My partner is 42, about 8 years ago she had abnormal cells taken off her cervix ( not sure what the procedure is called) and has had 3 yearly smear tests ever since. Her last was 2020 and was ok. For the last 4 or so months she’s had heavy bleeding in between periods , it does stop after thr period for a week than starts again up to her normal period.
She’s asked the gp a few times but when they tried to look it’s unfortunate that it’s on her period or when she’s bleeding and they have said there’s to much blood to see,
Last week she finally got to see the nurse at the go surgery when there was no blood and the nurse said it looks like cervical erosion !, but she’ll get an appointment to see gynaecologist with in 2 weeks on an urgent referral.

My partner obviously thinks “ why urgent in 2 weeks”

So she got a letter with in a few days and on the letter it says the doctor ( gynaecologist) is the cervical cancer specialist!. My partner is at her wits end now and is due in next Tuesday .

My question is what will they do next week and how long do results take as I can see her being cheerful but in her eyes she’s so scared

She’s had real pain with for many years with pains and swellings on and off in the area ( left side) by the womb area which they investigated many times so to see her this worried is awful

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Dear Moggs,

Firstly I’m so pleased to see a loving, caring partner joining the forum because they want to support their loved one. Please encourage her to join herself, because there are so many women active on here who will have had the same procedures as her, the same dilemmas and the same worries and fears. She is not alone.

Any mention of cancer brings fear into people’s hearts - and for good reason - but cervical cancer is investigated and treated long before it ever gets to cancer - because of the nature of cervical cell changes. Cervical erosion is not cancer. There’s a page on Jo’s Trust about this. It’s also called cervical ectropian:

Because of the previous abnormal cells it’s important however that your wife is investigated (and monitored) closely, and the person in change will be a gynaecological oncologist. Try not to panic too much - actually it’s fantastic she’s being seen so soon, as she’s obviously distressed (as are you) and it’s affecting her life. The thing so many women stress about on here are the dreadful waiting times people endure.

Please let us know how she gets on next Tuesday, and encourage her to join to talk to other ladies because I’m sure it will be reassuring for her.

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Thank you jacks , very kind of you.
It breaks my heart to see her scared . I’ve had cancer my self a few times and lots of chemo and I just sort of got on with it but looking in even just these few days so far is a very different feeling .

Hopefully it’s more clear next week

Her smear test was clear but they still want to take her in to investigate the swollen red cervix and heavy bleeding between periods

Could anyone tell me what we should be asking with the gynaecologist on Tuesday

Thanks so much to this amazing forum

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Ask them to do a biopsy even if they think everything looks okay, as things can be missed at colposcopy (personal experience) Better to be safe than sorry. I hope everything goes well for you both. Please do let us know how she gets on.

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