My pap smear was negative but I have symptoms that worry me

Hey guys!
First of all I would like to say that I really hope my questions and worries aren’t out of line!

I’ve been experiencing some weird symptoms and I really dont know what to do.
It started in mid April when I had some bright red blood on the toilet paper after I had sex with my partner. The bleeding stopped either that night or the next day, I don’t quite remember.
Two weeks later I told my gynaecologist about this. He didnt seem bothered an performed a pelvic exam as well as a pap smear (came back negative). I might have to add that where I live we get routine pap smears every year. I haven’t missed one in around 6 years.
I didn’t bleed the next time I had sex. But sort of the time after that. Around the time of ovulation in June I had intercourse and then two days later I noticed brownish blood in my underwear which didn’t happen again.
I was still worried so I went to another gynaecologist two days ago. He too inspected my pelvis an performed a pap smear). He also said I had some prominent vessels which he supposedly took care of (I dont know what he did). I was fine that day but yesterday morning I noticed blood on my toilet paper and I hasn’t subsided. Its been two days now. I dont need a pad but there’s always blood and I’m really worried. I just ended my period last week so I can’t be that.
I don’t have any pain. I’m not on the pill and I don’t take any other hormones or pills. I’m only 31 and really want to have children and now I feel like I’m really sick but no one has noticed it. I do have a history of health anxiety after my partner was diagnosed with cancer and I worry that medical staff doesn’t take me seriously because of my anxiety.
But I am experiencing real symptoms, I mean there is blood. It’s not just in my head.
I am super worried that the pap missed potentially cancerous cells …

Hi Viola,

Try not to worry too much. My youngest son has health anxieties, so I know what you mean about that. It’s very easy for your mind to run away with you. I often have to talk him down from his very real worries. You can’t help that.

I would suggest that you push for further investigations though. I had intermittent bleeding for years & never let it worry me as I’m older & thought it was my hrt, or bleeding from a fibroid or polyp that I also have.

I’ve always had normal smears every 3 years & my last one was only in Oct 22. HPV negative.

I’ve now been diagnosed with cancer that is quite far gone, but when they did my biopsy only 2 weeks ago, it still came back negative for HPV.

My cancer is one that wasn’t caused by the HPV.
Mine most likely started higher up in the cervix & didn’t show visibly until it worked its way down to the bottom part where my doctor saw it.

From what I’ve learned very recently, it seems that the majority of cervical cancer cases are caused by HPV but definitely not all of them are.

it’s highly unlikely that your bleeding is being caused by cc, but I still think you’d be sensible to ask for further investigations.
I believed my smear was accurate & never suspected I had cc.
From now on, I’ll be encouraging anyone with concerns to make sure they are investigated properly.

Please understand that it’s not my intention to worry you, but just for you to be aware that the smear isn’t 100% reliable as a guide. Even the medical professionals assumed on paper that I was fine. They honestly told me only 3 weeks ago that it wasn’t urgent for me to be seen, as my recent smear was clear. (This was despite my GP having just done a a 2 week suspected cancer referral).

By this time, I had googled the symptoms, knowing that there was something showing on my cervix. I then realised that I had every single symptom, , not just the intermittent bleeding.
I refused to wait the few months they suggested it might take & rang & pressured them. Was given a cancellation appt for the next day & was diagnosed there & then.
One hell of a shock, but at least I’m now awaiting treatment.

Good luck & please don’t worry. There are many far less sinister things that cause bleeding too. :kissing_heart: