My next treatment plan

Hi ladies hope everyone is well. I’ll give a wee bit of a background into my journey so far for anyone who doesn’t know.

I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma on 3rd November following a routine smear (all other previous smears were clear) after mri and petscan was staged at 1b had a hysterectomy on 7th Dec and everything looked good. When back for my follow up appointment were was told clear margin but traces of cancer in 1 of my Lympnodes so as a precaution I was recommended chemo/rads.

Fast forward to now just had my appointment with my oncologist and she advised of my treatment plan. I will have 2 cycles of c5fu before I have my chemo/rad. Which is cisplatin and fluorouracil. Neither cause hair loss which is brilliant as that was probably my biggest fear of the treatment. After this I will have chemo 1 day a week and rad 5 days a week for 5 weeks and then 2 brachytherapy the easy peasy version since I have no cervix which I suppose is another positive. Seems like a lot but hopefully it will all go very quickly. 2 months to give me back the rest of my life.

Has anyone had the c5fu?

Hi tough cookie

i have not had the c5fu but just wanted to say you will get through this next phase. The treatment will ensure no other rogue cells are floating about. Do rest as much as you can as your body has already been through so much. All the best hon as you start this new phase. 

Hi TC. I was interested to read your post and treatment plan. I had 1b1 sc CC  and during the RH they found 5 lymph nodes affected. I just went on to have the usual 5 weeks of chemo rads and no brachytherapy. Sounds like they are going for a belt and braces approach to make absolutely sure they kick its ass. I am fine two years on. I do wish you all the very best. Sounds like you have a very positive attitude and in no time you will be consigning it to history. Take good care of yourself and as Lolli said, get as much rest as you can.