My Mum's Diagnosis



I posted this 3 weeks ago when we received the news that my mum had not only breast cancer but cervical cancer also: 


This gives a brief background.


The tumour has in fact spread into the vaginal wall and is inoperable.  It is a rare tumour and quite aggressive.  It is NOT linked to the breast cancer and is another primary.   The Oncologist that mum saw initially has said that it is Stage 3.  She is now waiting to see another oncologist to find out the next steps.


Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect - will she be able to have chemo and/or radiotherapy and will this hopefully stop the tumour spreading into the pelvis?  How many sessions of chemo do you think she will need and will this hopefully send it into remission.


I appreciate nobody has a crystal ball but some advice would be gratefully received as still terrified  but learning to live with it

Hello again Ruth :-)

So very sorry to hear this news. I would imagine that with it being not only rare and agressive, but also a second primary cancer that only an oncologist can answer your question properly. If it is inoperable then I am quite sure that chemo will be on the cards but which particular recipe and how many sessions I couldn't begin to guess.

Just wanted to send you and your mum both my very best wishes and hope that your journey isn't too rough.


With lots and lots of love



Hi Ruth

I echo everything that Tivoli has put above.  I couldn't begin to guess either but there may be someone come along who has been in a similar situation with Stage 3 and can share their experience with you.

Sending you both lots of love and hugs, I hope you get to speak to someone who can help very soon.


I was 1b2, and I had Cisplatin (only managed 5 instead of 6 cos my bloods were so bad) and 28 doses of radiotherapy, concurrently.  I am not an expert, but if she has not had radiotherapy in the pelvic region, I would think that would be an option.

Has she had an mri yet, and officially brrn staged?