My lletz procedure

I had my lletz surgery done on Tuesday 2nd April. On the Saturday I was in so much pain I couldn't walk and was crying in pain. Turns out I had a severe infection even though I followed everything they told me to do. Although at first I had no bleeding I started to bleed bright red blood on the Monday which I thought was due to the infection. But I am still bleeding and have even passed clots. The bleeding is still bright red and I've had barely any of the 'grit' that I have read about that should be coming. I wasnt worried as I felt fine, but tonight I am in a lot of pain again and am swollen on the left side of my pelvis. I am a mother of three so life is hectic, but my partner has been wonderful. He keeps telling me to go to the doctors, but find it hard to tell him I am actually too scared. Has this happened to anyone elPleasant advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you x

Hi Frankie, sorry to hear the trouble you are having. You should listen to your other half and go see the doctor hun, even though you are understandably frightened there is only so long that you can grin and bear it and hope it gets better. The thought of being messed around with again isnt appealing but you may save yourself a lot of trouble not to mention pain if yo get it sorted sooner rather than later. I am no medical expert but it sounds like your infection didnt clear properly and your body is telling you that something isnt right. Youve done so well and been brave enough to face the treatment so let the doctors take care of you for a little while longer,  your partner sounds really supportive so let them know how you feel, ask them to go with you if it helps.



Hi niki, thank you for responding. I know both you and him are right and I will go to the doctors today. My children are young and it feels like at the moment I am not being half the mum I can be let alone a partner to my boyfriend. You just want to pick up and carry on with life as it was and I feel useless that I cannot with so many problems. you know the saying 'ignore it and it will go away' I guess not this time. Hopefully the doctors can help, I hate feeling so useless to my family x


I've been to the doctors and they believe my infection never cleared or that I may of got pregnant before my procedure. They have done tests and I have to wait a wk for results. Going to do a pregnancy test when my partner gets home, but I doubt it is that. Hopefully the infection clears after this lot of antibiotics or I will be admitted into hospital. Hope all you other ladies are well and doing fine after lletz procedures x

Good to hear you went and got sorted and with any luck the antibiotics will sort thngs out this time round. I think its a girl thing,we get so used to being strong and dependable that it feels as though we are letting those around us down if we crumble in any way. I have found it really hard to open up properly to my hubby about how i am feeling and how bloody scary this all is, but I am slowly learning that it is indeed good to talk and to let him prop me up for a while. I know from experience that is hard to not feel like your letting people down when you are not physically or emotionally able to do all that you normally would to care for your family, but really, we are not letting anybody down at all. Since i let my hubby 'in' a bit more he said it has made him feel a lot better, he was feeling a bit useless and dintnt know what to do for the best but knew I was suffering, allowing him to support me a bit more has made him feel like i actually need him for once.

Do keep us posted on how you get on

I understand what you mean. When it all first started me and my boyfriend actually split up because I was walking around like it was just a pinch of salt. Now I've let him in he can't do enough for me, wont even let me walk the dog so I can heal bless him. I know if I got worse I wouldn't be able to nothing for my family, but it is so frustrating especially as I was a single parent for a long time and now I have to depend. I will keep posted. Thank you so much for listening and your advice x