My LLETZ procedure today

I would just like to put your minds at rest. I was diagnosed with CIN3 and told I needed a LLETZ procedure, I did my homework and worried myself sick for months, well I had the procedure today and it was all over and done with in less than 20 minutes, it’s not much different from having a smear, the only difference I noticed is when they froze the cervix with a needle, I was dreading that but because I was chatting away I barely noticed it, I had lovely chatty nurses and it seemed only minutes when I was told it was all done! Apart from a slight sting from the needle ( no where near as bad as when they put a needle in your arm) I didn’t feel a thing! So please don’t spend months worrying about it like I did, if you managed a smear you will manage this!


Glad your lletz went well. I have mine tomorrow. I’m very nervous as I’m having general anaesthetic. I’m CIN3 with possible microinvasion so stressing about that. Have already had MRI and PET scan

Good luck for tomorrow, im sure it will all go well, the staff will put you at your ease, we spend more time worrying about the procedure than the actual procedure itself ! Have something ready to treat yourself too when it’s over and remember, there are thousands ( unfortunately) of women out there who are ticking time bombs because they don’t go regularly for smears, the medical profession knows what your issue is, they are going to resolve it and then keep an eye on you after, it will soon be over, sending hugs xx