My lletz experience (children mentioned)

I had lletz treatment yesterday for cin 2 and just thought I'd share my experience for those of you who are about to go through the same thing.

A brief recap, got a letter a few days before new year telling me my smear indicated low grade dyskaryosis and that I needed a colposcopy which I had on February 16. I was a mess at colposcopy but the nurse seemed to think I was cin 1 and wouldn't need treatment.
However my biopsy results showed cin 2 and I was told I needed a lletz.
It's been an incredibly difficult, emotional 3 months, I've been very anxious and upset because of all this, my main worry not being cancer itself but being the fact I may not have children if it was indeed cancer they ended up finding. I am 28 and have no children.
I started dating my current partner one month before my initial letter and going through all this so early into a relationship has put incredible strain on us and I'm not even sure this is going to last now and I blame this whole experience as well as his lack of support and understanding. He seems to think I was overreacting and worried over nothing, accusing me of having "anxiety issues" (such a lovely thing to say at a time like this).
Anyway, my lletz went fine, mainly thanks to very kind, reassuring doctors and nurses and to the tranquilliser my best friend gave me an hour before the procedure.
The doctor almost didn't do it as she seemed to think I was cin 1 and not cin 2 and that the abnormal area was so tiny (tip of a cotton bud, 7mm), however she did go ahead. The most uncomfortable part for me was the cleaning up after the lletz. The anaesthetic and lletz procedure were virtually painless. But after the lletz she did I am guessing cleaned the area and that was painful but honestly bearable.
She did guarantee I did not have cancer (100%) and that she expected I'd get a normal smear at my 6 month checkup. She also said it was safe for me to get pregnant at any time once I was healed and that I was in no rush to have kids which was the biggest relief.
In terms of discomfort since the op, I've taken ibuprofen a couple times for period type cramping but I did walk home from the hospital and feel fine. I do feel tired but I put that down to how emotional I've been lately more than to the actual procedure.
My results should come in the next few weeks but honestly not stressing at all as the doctor said I shouldn't worry.
Now I'm focusing on healing, resting and trying to mend my relationship. 
If you have any questions, just ask! And good luck to everyone going through similar things!


i had the same worries as you, unfortunately my procedure didn't go as smoothly (and ended up in a&e with severe bleeding), we have been trying for a baby before and just thought it might be my month and then all this came along and im so worried it won't now happen. I'm 32 (but still feel 28!) but it's reassuring to read about your experience.

i don't know if I was already pg (but really early days) and don't know what this might do to a possible pg. 

As for men being unsympathetic, my partner managed to last 3 days and now is fed up of me feeling ill! They don't do sympathy well (unless they can physically see something is wrong) but I'm sure if it was them in our position things would be very different. My partner even told me to hurry up and get dressed as we were leaving hospital after I had been there on a drip all day! How are you finding it at work? I've gone back now but things are awkward as they are not very sympathetic either and make me feel like a fraud.

its nice to have a little moan on here!

Stay calm- congrats about your results and good luck on your date. You can put it all behind you now and look forward to the future and possibly a new love?
Piggies- wow, sorry to hear of your experience, when was your lletz and are you alright now? I'm guessing so, physically at least, as you are back at work but what about emotionally? I'm a bit shocked your man showed so little patience when you were in the hospital, that's a bit crap really. 
My boyfriend was at work and a girlfriend came along as I felt having a female friend would be nicer for this sort of operation.
I am also back at work since yesterday (my lletz was on Monday), really wish I wasn't to be honest but I am off off for a week starting tonight yay! I'm still quite tired and in pain (my period started today, joy), but I'm fine emotionally now I think.
I was on norethisterone for 2 weeks prior to my lletz to delay my period and I spent the whole 2 weeks in tears pretty much, it sent my hormones crazy! Like PMS times a million, my boyfriend was so fed up by the end of it I thought he would leave me!
If you fancy a chat or some more ranting, please feel free!