My LLETZ/appt experience+confused

i had my colposcopy appt last week 

now i read everywhere how the colposcopy will go down 

they do the colposcop, They may confirm what CIN you are, whether the smear test was right or not going by what they see and they may offer you: see and treat with LLETZ, biopsy, come back for LLETZ (talk about LLETZ under GA rather than LA) or keep and eye on it and come back 

this is what I have read everywhere. It was good that you could get a choice, that they will talk to you about what they see, that you are in control in some way and youre not too overwhelmed

my appt didn't go down this this. None of this happened. I went in, terrified about how it would feel but terrified that I would need treatment but I told myself its ok if I'm not ok with treatment whilst theyre down there I will just say no can i come back, can I have it under GA... whatever.

soon I sat down to talk to him he was talking about LLETZ and I was confused. I figured he was probably just saying about it in case I needed treatment but then he wanted me to sign form of consent and I said "wait you're doing treatment" and he replied yes

why? Why was he giving me LLETZ before even seeing me? At the time I went along with it. I didn't think I could decline. I didn't think I could question it. He wasbt scary or intimidating but what was going on was.

no talk about my options. No talk about ga. he didn't even give me an opportunity to decline it, not till I was already in stirrups and he was down there and I had mentioned I was going back to work straight after and then he said "would you prefer we just do a biopsy?" I didn't think that was an option! I was already in such a vulnerable state I just said no carry on when really I just wanted to get up and start the whole thing again because none of this made sense 

the procedure was fine. I won't be worrying about either colposcopy or LLETZ like I was 

but I still felt so confused. After the lletz I was woozy from the la and he said do you have any questions- yes lots!! But I couldn't think of them because I was in shock and coming down for local anaestheti! 

He didn't confirm cin, he didn't tell me how much he took away 

sorry this is long but anyone else had anything similar???

ive felt so emotional because I felt I didn't get options. I didn't get to talk through options, that I couldn't decline, that I could sit and think about it, that it was rushed

my GP thinks certain protocols weren't met here and I should write a letter

its odd, I never thought of this or that it would even be a problem but I felt so out of control and so overwhelmed by it all. 


From what I've heard, this is not what they are meant to do. How would he know what part of the cervix to remove if I hadn't done a biopsy? I would ask questions, and maybe put a complaint in as if this doctor is working against the standard protocol then this could be harmful for women if he is overtreating them. 

Thank you

ive spoken to a nurse at the colposcopy clinic but she just said it's normal to have lletz cos of your age and having had children and I was like yes that's fine but isnt he supposed to check me first? And I didn't really get an answer to that "some do some dont" but this just doesn't seem right 

if I wanted to have to have lletz treatment done under GA then they would have had to just do a biopsy as I'd have to come back to do the LLETZ under ga 

she said the results for cin would come back with the results so that's fair enough. 

but in terms of my worry as to why he was going on guns blazing (lol) with a LLETZ before looking at me 

I mean why not say at the start "its likely we will do a LLETZ etc but I will check you over first" that would have been better! It's the smallest difference but it would have made all the difference

Hi hun,

Exactly the same happened to me!!! I had biopsies and Lletz procedure at time of colposcop y. I too felt like nothing was explained properly either.

I subsequently seen the same consultant when getting my results and that was a bloody farce too! Basically she had the wrong patients details on the screen and made me have another smear!!! It was only when she entered the results on the computer that she realised she had the wrong patient!!!! She was so rude too.

I think it's all such a blur and that I Would have felt better if everything was explained properly.


Good luck with your results. The waiting game is the worst bit.


That's exactly what I've been worried about! I've been thinking did they have the wrong patient details?? Cos when I went in there he said "I hear you were trying to cancel this appt" no I didn't?? I rescheduled the appt feom The week before and I arrived 5 mins late as I couldn't find the ruddy place but I didn't call and try to cancel? 

Godh how awful for you! I'd have been so bloody angry! 

Hi Blossom I was !! After discussing the treatment is initially received with the Macmillan nurse(who gave been amazing) I have since reported the incident to the PALS team at the hospital. God forbid if it happens again and somebody cancer goes undiagnosed!!!!! Rest of appointments/ surgery has been great.

The cervix isn't just about having children. The cervix is actually an orgasmic organ, it has twice as many nerve endings in as the clitoris although most doctors seem completley unaware of that. i'm living with long term side effects from the LLETZ and I'm appalled that they would just remove part of the cervix without even checking with a biopsy if it was really abnormal. 

I'm not allowed to write dr's names on this forum, but there is a doctor in the US who is researching nerve damage from LLETZ. Any nurse doctor that says it's okay to remove part of the cervix without checking it first has no idea what they are talking about! 

I'm reading a lot about cervix having no nerve endings but some are researching it 

can I ask what long term side affects donyou have? If you don't mind me asking? 

Also after he said to me that it was all done that he will send it off and get results and that I will have another smear test in 6 months 

man di thought great that's it 

didnt warn me that I could be back in for another LLETZ or whatever (I'm sure they don't want to scare you) but I came out if there and literally thought that was it (I don't know why hahah!) but when I came backnon here and read other women's results I was like "well no this might not be it!! I might need to go back for more tests"

Hi Blossom, there was research in 2010 that shows the cervix has nerve endings. It's just most doctors have not kept up with this research so they are assuming the cervix has no endings. It's never fully being researched. I have nerve damage. I also have a support group of 70+ women who are dealing with similiar. Doctors are not giving full informed consent about the risks in this procedure. 

This is my story which explains my side effects. This happens to approx 15% of women.