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sorry for ur news. I felt similar when I was told as I too have a 6yr old daughter. The waiting stage you are now in is a horrible part where u will go through every emotion and think of all sorts of outcomes, most will be negative, because you know so little. Once you have ur MRI, get ur stage and know the treatment plan, u will start to feel a little more in control and able to be more rational. Do u know what to expect next? What have u been told?

sending u lots of hugs, know how u are feeling xxx dons

Hello. Thank you for 

your comment it means

a lot :)

All I know up to now is that my

dr thinks it is definatly cancer

and that I will probably

need chemotherapy :( 

so that just makes me think that

it must be really bad :( if he is

already saying that.

I got my letter through

on saturday to say I need to

go for a coloscopy on the 16th.

so I am just staying positive 

and trying not to think

about it to much till then.

I just dont want to upset my family

especially with it being nearly



I know its easier said than done, but until you have had your colposcopy, you will not what whether it is cancer or not, I am assuming you have had an abnormal smear test? The colposcopy will be over and done with in about 10 minutes and then the gynecologist will get a clearer picture than your GP can via a smear test. Please try not to worry until you know for sure. I was diagnosed this July and yes it is one of the most horrific things that someone can tell you, but you will deal with it. I have just had my 3 month scan today and waiting for my results. Until you know what the diagnosis and staging is, a treatment plan cannot even be considered, your GP should know better. Please enjoy your Christmas. 

Thank you for the post :)

Thats what I keep trying to

tell my self, but

ot has scared me

so much him already

telling me what

treatment I will need

before I have had any other tests

so I have got it in to my head

that it must be really really bad

if he can already tell :( 

I am feeling ok-ish at the 

moment as I have been 

keeping myself busy and

going to try not to worry

about it this week until

I have had my colopscopy xx