My letter says 'urgent', is that usual?

I had a smear test a week ago.  I was told the results would be back in 2 weeks.  Yesterday, Saturday morning I had a letter saying I needed an urgent hospital appointment, with a colposcopy leaflet as well.

Considering the bank holiday weekend that was very fast?  The letter says my GP will already have spoken to me, but the first I heard was this letter, being a Sat morning I can't  speak to anyone until Monday. 

Im now just stewing and worrying until tomorrow, reading all sorts into the letter.

Does every letter after an abnormal smear say you need an urgent appointment, or does it mean the result is bad. 

I've seen my GP and the results were severe diskaryosis and the query invasive carcinoma and the I think presence of squamous carcinoma cells;

I'm will get a colposcopy appt. within 2 weeks. I'm worried sick. Has anyone had a result like this, what sort of treatment is likely. I'm sure a lot of people on here know what it feels like, but I can't eat or think straight for worrying

Of course you are scared. We have all been there. But you will find lots of information and some very supportive people on this site. Take a deep breath and look at as much information as you feel you can cope with, so you will know what to expect at the colposcopy, and what questions you want to ask at the clinic.

Waiting is hugely difficult. Try and rationalise that stressing won't change anything. (Easier said than done.)

Message me, or someone else if you don't want to post on the site. Best wishes. 

Thanks for your reply, I'll DM you;

I'm really just having a conversation with myself on this thread.  But just in case it helps others I thought I would update what happened.  The 'urgent' appointment is reserved for smear results that are severe dyskaryiosis with possible invsasive carcinoma.  So if you get one - you may well do what I did - which is completely freak out.  The letter arrived on a Saturday and I saw my GP on Monday, the colposcopy appointment came through for 1 week later.

Anyone in UK with an 'urgent' is on a faster timescale than everyone else.  Good in some ways, but just makes for expeptionally high anxiety levels.

I've had my colposcopy and was given a LLETZ at the same time.  The consultant was explaiing the "query invasive carcinoma" just said " oh dont worry about that" !!!!  (Why not??).  I am now waiting for the pathology results from the LLETZ, but consultant thinks it was CIN3 and it's all out. 

IN my head that means nothing - he's just trying to stop me worrying for a few weeks.  Time will tell