My high grade CGIN experience

Hey everyone.

This is a positive post to let people know that there are some positive outcomes to these awful journeys we are going on.
I haven't been online in so long as I wanted to wait for my results letter (only came last week!) before I posted so I am sorry and feel awful for not keeping up with those who helped me through the waiting game. 
In June I had my first smear (aged 24, turned 25 in September) and the results came back abnormal. I had been bleeding randomly after intercourse for over a year but had no pain at all and after what I thought was a smear last year with my GP, which came back clear (it was actually just a swab for STIs!) I didn't think anymore of it. I was sent for an urgent colposcopy soon after my results and was told at colposcopy that I had endocervical abnormalities. 
The colposcopist took a biopsy which was confirmed high grade CGIN. Lletz with local was arranged. At the Lletz appointment the colposcopy beforehand showed that my area was very wide and deep and could not be performed with local anaesthetic. The doctor actually asked for a second opinion whilst my cervix was on screen and they both said straight away it was to be done under GA and urgent (very worrying!)  I was referred for Lletz under GA in less than a week later. 
The GA was fine, I actually woke up in no pain at all and pain didn't come on until a few days later. I just felt exhausted and very confused and slightly ill straight after. (was under for about 45 mins). This was the 11th of August and I was told it would be a 4 week wait for results. 
I had 5 days off of work and on the 9th day post op, whilst serving a customer!) I suffered an extremely heavy bleed and was passing clots which could not be stopped by my local GP. The experience was all very embarrassing and shocking I just could not believe the amount of blood coming out of me! She sent me straight to emergency gynaecology at hospital and my wound was cauterised. This is the point where my parents, boyfriend and I were very worried and just wanted to know that all the cells had been removed and nothing else had been found. 
Two weeks post op I decided to call the unit to ask them if my results were in. They said they were so I went to my GP who told me the absolutely amazing news that all of the cells were removed with clear margins. A piece the size of about a £2 coin and 2cm deep was removed.
I received my actual results letter nearly 6 weeks post op,which I think is ridiculous and have a date for colposcopy in Feb next year. 
I hadn't lifted anything or done any exercise for 5.5 weeks and certainly no intercourse. When my boyfriend and I did have sex there was no bleeding at all and no pain during just period pains after. Last week I went back to the gym and started cardio and lifting at work again and have noticed that when I exercise I bleed and I am getting random bleeds which then will just stop and excruciating period pains. 
I have carried my pill on for 3 packets throughout this whole ordeal so I think my body is just ready for a period but I'm not convinced... Especially as I seem to bleed and be in pain after exercise. We haven't had intercourse for over a week now because of the on and off bleeding.
Sorry for the essay! But I know how many posts I've seen with women sadly getting cancerous results or results that lead to further treatment and not many positive and clear stories to balance it out. 
Sending lots of hugs and positive vibes out to each and every one of you 

Thank you for posting this bunny girl. I have searched this forum over the last 6 month's for everything cgin related and it helps greatly to hear people's positive outcomes and updated result's. I wish you well