My girlfriend


  My partner has stage 3 cervical and it has gone to lymph nodes in pelvis but no further. Her treatment is 2 drug chemo for 6weeks started on Friday then 6weeks radio and chemo after. she has just done her first 2 drug chemo 14/8/2015. 


It all started when she has bleeding between periods but because we recently had a baby girl 4/4/14 and she had a clear smear 11/14 it was assumed it was the contreception. Now we find ourselves in this messed up situation and she is 25 

Hi, I have advanced cancer which is above what tour partner has and mine is in my lymph nodes too. I have had 6 months of chemo and I am now on a 5 and half week course of radiotherapy and chemo once a week, I am guessing that you are possibly looking for some advice? 

From my experience I too had the same experience with the bleeding but I have no children, I can tell you that you are going to be travelling on a roller coaster and it's not one that is so easy to ret off! I wish I could!

My advice I will give you is tell your partner if she has any worries or concerns she can come on here rant, ask questions or just read the posts as they do help I've felt a lot better since coming on here. Unfortunately you are going have to be the strong one at the moment whilst she is dealing with all of the treatment and emotions that she will go through because one moment she will be laughing and the next crying and all you can do is be there and listen to her when she needs you. It will also effect you too and you can talk through your worries/concerns too on here and we will try to help the best we can :-).

I hope all goes well for her and she manages to beat this vile desease for you all

Hi Carmel

I'm having some ipad issues and can't seem to write or finish a message. I'm sad to read your situation wish I could help if you want to talk or rant :) thanks for your kind words I will pass them on. 

Hi Andy
Welcome :-)

So sorry to hear about your partner. It sounds like she's having the best treatment available. As Carmel says, get her to join us here, we can be very supportive.
Be lucky :-)


Congratulations on the baby girl! I'm so sorry to hear about your partner. She's a lot more advanced than me so I cant advise on treatments that she's having, I am however the same age as her. We'd all love to see her on the forum if she ever needs a laugh or a cry or just some advice. It's a lot less lonely when you have lots of people to talk to that are going through various stages of it :). Same goes to you. All the best xxx

Hi andy

I'm stage 2 but with pelvic node involvement. My treatment is slightly different In that I have radio and chemo together for five weeks but think what ur girlfriend is having is really effective treatment.  I'm not going to lie it's a scary journey and I have my bad days but now treatment has started ur girlfriend will have so much help and support around her.  I have found that the days I feel rubbish I just let myself feel that way then try and bounce back.

i wish u and ur girlfriend all the best for the treatment, I'm only two weeks in but if u or her want to get in touch for a rant moan whatever then feel free.

i have found this forum massively helpful and supportive.



Hi Andy,

Really sorry you have found yourself here. It is however a fab forum full of wonderful ladies ready to impart a wealth of knowledge. I would reccommend your girlfriend joins when she is ready. I was originally staged at stage 3, later downgraded to stage 2 & have lymph node involvement. I have just completed my treatment schedule of 7 chemo, 31 radio & 3 brachytherapy. It's a long old slog and full of ups and downs but from what I understand at this time it has worked (won't find out for sure for a few months). Try to keep positive and enjoy your baby girl.

Wish both you and your girlfriend lots of luck


Hi ladies

 thanks for all your replys, I feel much better about are situation after reading your replys it has given me hope and iam truly grateful for your words

Just wanted to echo what other ladies have said and encourage your partner to join this site it has been an amazing help for me. As none of my friends had been in a similar situation so was nice to speak to other ladies who were going similar experiences. Or maybe you could both ask questions together, I know for me I felt my husband didn't know what to say so he didn't say anything so good that you are wanting to be a part of this.  My husband sometimes said he didn't know what to say so avoided talking about it but sometimes I just wanted to talk about it but think he felt he needed to have an answer etc.  He has been amazing with the little ones, I know it has been hard for him.  If any family/friends can help with cooking, looking after your little girl.  These things helped us a lot.  

Praying for your partner and you all as a family.


Ps one important bit of advice stay away from Google, any questions post on here. Ask any doctor, Google is not a great place to be looking for answers for anything like this. 

Hi Andy , 


is is your girlfriend on the interlace clinical trial ? With 6 weeks induction chemo before the standard chemoradiation ? I am on it and have not found anyone else on it ? 



Hi sam


they mentioned to us about a trail going on but we are not part of it but we are using it if it makes sense I have p.m you



          Andy x