My first smear

Im not sure if this is working :) 

I went for my first smear as I had turned 25 ,  have two children , youngest is 7 months, I was expecting myresults to come bk normal but nope :( high grade - should I be worried or is this quite normal ??????? Pls help got to wait 2 weeks for my colposcopy and the waiting is killing me 

Im new to all this so I hope I've done this right :) xxxx


I had the same results from my first smear I had my colposcopy on monday! Im waiting for results from that now... Waiting is awful!! The colposcopy itself doesnt actually tell you anything it is the results from that (the colposcopist wont be able to tell if you have cancer, you will have to wait for results of the biopsy he/she will take) i would recommend having someone there to take you home because it is quite uncomfortable when the meds wear off!  

good luck!! x

Thank you for your reply. Oh no I was hoping I'd get results on the day I go for colposcopy :(

Nope, they just have a look and you will probably get a biopsy and treatment! Its apparantley a 4 week wait for the results from the biopsies taken, im 2 days in and pulling my hair out!! x

Oh no well fingers crossed for when you do eventually get your results ! If you don't mind me asking do you know what grade u have ( cin 1-3?)X

The colposcopist told me 3 although I havent had any letters to confirm that, just the one which says high grade abnormal cells, Im sure different areas deal with things differently, It was my first smear too, I am 24 with 2 kids.. Its such a worry, i think I need someone to freak out with! haha x

The colposcopist told me 3 although I havent had any letters to confirm that, just the one which says high grade abnormal cells, Im sure different areas deal with things differently, It was my first smear too, I am 24 with 2 kids.. Its such a worry, i think I need someone to freak out with! haha x

Hi ladies - i too was in a similar position back in September and was also freaking out. The nurse told me when I had my smear that it was so unusual for someone of our age (25ish) to get an abnormal result it wsant worth thinking about. This makes you feel like a right special case when you get an abnormal result through, however after having a total breakdown I found that when I mentioned it to people SO many people of varying ages had had an abnormal result (sometimes going back to normal on its own, sometimes with treatment). This doesnt make it any less scary but rest assured you're not alone - it happens to more people than you'd think, it's just not something we tend to talk about (may be a British thing haha). Fingers crossed for both of you x x x 

Thanks for your reply beckhcarlos , I know that alo ofwomen's get abnormal results bk but when I went to see my nurse about the results she got my information up on her computer and said my test came bk cin3 does that mean I have cancer ???  My mum and sister have both had to have cells lasered away and are both being very insensitive towards me like it's nothing to worry about :(  I'm so glad I found this forum thank u for making me feel like I'm not crazy for being scared :)

Not at all - you should have seen me in the week between my results and colposcopy appointment! I cried pretty much all the time when I wasnt at work. Just because you have severe dysk. doesn't mean you have cancer it just means the density of the abnormal cells is higher in the test they took. The only way you'll know for sure is going for the colposcopy and waiting for the results of the LLETZ (which does suck, but they may be able to give you an indication of how things look while you're there). One of my close friends (who kept me sane along with this website) had CIN 3, LLETZ, and was fine after. I hate to quote stats because we're in the minortiy of having abnormal results anyway, but the chances of having developed cc are really small x x x 

Lol me too I am emotional wreck when ever I go to talk about it ! Well I hope it is not as bad as I think - got my colposcopy on the 19th July  which I am dreading but also want it over and done with now ! So glad I've found this forum ! the women on here are so inspirational 


My mum and sister had the same too, you will probably just have to have treatment and that will be that, you will need a repeat smear after 6 months just to double check!! My mum is being extra sensitive because my cells have spread to the vaginal walls and still we have no idea what this means (I read online somewhere that it means cancer but self diagnosing isnt going to help anyone so I will suffer until I get the results!!). They really dont tell you much at the colposcopy. I waited 1 month from my smear for my colposcopy, the reason that is, is because they take your period into account. I think its more worrying getting your bits out again.. Its the worst part! There were 5 medics in the room when I had mine! :0 xx 


That's good you have some good support - my husband is crap with anything like this,  I am bit worried as I got my smear results very quickly and my nurse Panic when I said I might have to move my appt coz my 4 year old needs picking upmfrom school!  This waiting is driving me insane, pls can you let me know wheN you get ur results xx

I will do! Mine came within a few days too it doesnt mean anything. Ring the hospital and try and get an earlier appointment! I tried to but they were fully booked :( Might be different in your area! you will only be in about half an hour, it doesnt take long at all! They explain more about your smear results too, much better than the crappy letter you get which makes you feel like you're dying! It was me waiting for my appointment this time last week, but its not half as bad as you think. Take some painkillers with you and get plenty rest after! xx

yep my husband can do the night feed that night :) ! Take care Hun xx

heyyyy!!! just wanted to pass through and say, i'm 25 and had my first smear come back as severe Dyskaryosis. i had my colposcopy 3 weeks ago today and still no results. the first two weekes were hard, no i've kinda forgotten about them, have just kept my self very busy....decided to completly refurbish my kitchen haha, a lot of money but keeps me busy and not going insane. there is quite a wait at the moment. which doesn't help all the thousands of women thinking they are alone worrying. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 


good luck with everything!


best wishes 

SC xxx

Thank you for your reply , yes the waiting is horrible !  Wow I'm saving to take my kids to Florida so have no money spare to keep my mind of all this waiting ! I read yesterday that a lady waited 10 weeks for her colposcopy results :( god I'd be pullin my hair out lol! Hope everything is ok and please let us all know whEn you have your results xxx