My first positive with abnormal cells: partner and I scared

Hi ladies!
I am so glad I found this forum! I have had smear tests and colposcopies since I was really young (in my country we can do them every year) and they had never been positive. Then I moved to the UK in 2020 and finally got the letter from NHS to have a smear test a few weeks ago. The result came out today and I’m HPV positive with abnormal cells (low-grade dyskaryosis). They have invited me for a colposcopy within the next 2 weeks and I am freaking out! Weirdly, before I got the result by post, they called me last week inviting me for a blood test, out of the blue. I didn’t think much about it at the time as I have thrombophilia and take blood thinners, but now I’m worried those things may be related.
I’m in a monogamous relationship with a man and my boyfriend is very supportive, but he’s also really scared. We’re worried because there is no HPV test for people with penises, but it is very likely that he is infected at this point. What do you guys recommend in regarding to partners? Should we wear condoms from now on? He is changing his habits as well and we’ll beat HPV together, but I wanted to know your experience with your partners, whether they tested positive or not.
Thank you!

Btw I forgot to say I was vaccinated when I was 14, so it was a shock for me to be positive. But I know the vaccine only covers some strains of the virus.

Hi Kinga,

I am very sorry to hear that you are HPV positive, although you have had the vaccine (my daughter is also vaccinated and I was hoping that she will never ever have to deal with this and I still hope that she will be protected- I know the vaccine is only against 2 types of HPP).

I can’t tell you much about HPV in men as I dread to read about this (I would feel so terrible guilty and I would worry so much for my husband and now is not the time, as I am already worried for me and I have to deal with one issue at the time. Here is where my post is:

I have some words of encouragement for you and your boyfriend: you are young and your bodies and immune system will fight off the virus! Find here posts of people who tested HPV negative after healthy eating, getting supplements and just thinking positively.

My story is not a great one so far, as I didn’t think that the huge amount of stress I had since last year (work related, family relented, etc) can lead from no changes smear last year to severe dyskaryosis this year. I wish I looked for more information a while ago… However, I have decided to start taking supplements and eat healthy and, most of all, deal with my stress in a better manner.

Please keep us updated. Sending you a big hug!

PS. I would suggest that you change the subject of your post if you can, as this will help more people reply your questions.

Take care.xx

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Hi @kinga

It will be completely coincidental that you are being invited for blood tests, these results dont indicate anything untoward… with low grade dyskaryosis, they expect to see CIN1, although its a CIN this grade of change isnt seen as a true precancer unless it persists or progresses to a higher grade… it normally regresses back to normality on its own so it is monitored rather than treated

You are right to assume you both share the infection, the only testing available for men/external infections is if it causes something physical but all sexual partners will share eachothers infections regardless of how much we try to avoid it… condoms arnt completely effective with transmission but research has proven condom usage can potentially help with clearance, in studies couples who use condoms have been observed to clear their infection/test negative quicker than those who didnt, its thought that the condoms reduce the amount of viral load being rubbed around which can help the body control it quicker

In terms of it causing him harm… women/those with a cervix are the most at risk with HR HPV, however over 99% of women who are infected wont receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, CC is deemed rare with other HPV womens cancers being deemed rarer (compared to the amount of infections) and HPV related cancers in men are even rarer than ours (even anal cancer effects more women) HPV16 is found to be the most dangerous for men, although other strains can cause them cancer, the percentage of other strains arnt really worth worrying about

Being vaccinated, regardless of which one you had (cervarix, gardasil4 or gardasil9) all 3 protect against the two main strains 16 & 18, with these 2 strains being responsible for 70% of CC cases and no16 being the most dangerous for men, you can atleast have some peace of mind that the already small chances of canver are significantly reduced xx

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