My first LEEP experience/glad to have it over with

So I finally had my LEEP procedure done today under twilight anesthesia. I'm doing okay, honestly just feel sluggish and mildly annoyed like I'm on my period (but circa 1999 with this maxi pad). 

Honestly for me the worst part was everything leading up to the procedure. This is part anecdote part unrelated sob story, but I feel like this is the place to sob!

I got my abnormal pap results in June and then had to find a doctor in my new city for a colposcopy. My old doctor's receptionist was awful and refused to fax over my results. My new doctor was very vague and didn't have the best bedside manner. The colp went fine but I wound up getting someone else for the LEEP and I love her. I also waited almost a week to get scheduled by the hospital and then had to cancel my upcoming vacation because of it (long story).

All of that was super stressful and emotionally taxing. Luckily I have a good support system but even my husband had a hard time dealing with me at times. He was supportive but didn't understand why I wasn't just happy it wasn't cancer yet without understanding how scary the situation is regardless. On my side i resented him a little for being able to carry on with life as normal while for a week or two I was too busy anxious to enjoy anything. But we worked on it and got past it. 

Icing on the cake: last week I was sideswiped on the highway on my way to work. My car was beyond totaled and I'm okay now thankfully but went through a few days of whiplash and chest pain from the seatbelt. Honestly the only good thing is it totally took my mind off the surgery completely-- until last night. I think the accident and impending procedure finally caught up with me and I stayed up late crying to mediation videos (silly I know), clutching my old teddy bear and sniffing lavender to try to relax. That and a half of a Xanax finally worked and I got a few hours of sleep before the procedure.

Honestly ladies for me it hasnt been bad at all. The anesthesia was fine and I'm glad I did it that way as I probably don't need anymore trauma this week. I had some deep cramping and a sort of burning sensation from my cervix when I came out of anesthesia but I told the nurse and she gave me pain medication through IV. that took care of that. One thing the anesthesiologist told me before the surgery is don't tough it out! If you are in pain, tell them. Now I'm just taking Advil and honestly only because I had a sinus headache tonight. No more cramping and just a little spotting. 

I've read some of you had delayed pain and bleeding so I'm looking out for that. And by Friday i should find out my results. For now I'm just happy to be on the other side of the procedure and on the road to recovery! 

Sending thoughts and love your way xx

I think the emotional toll of all this is often overlooked by lots of people in the medical profession (I am in no way slagging of the NHS though - everyone involved in my treatment has been awesome, they're just really busy people) and by those who haven't gone through it.

Im glad the procedure hwent well and is now done and dusted. Be kind to yourself over the next few weeks and I hope you schedule in a few treats :)