My first day of treatment

So, I went in for my 1st day of treatment yesterday (14th) and everything went great. I'm in at the Edinburgh Western, and all of the staff and volunteer tea ladies were super nice which was good as I had been getting anxious in the car on our way along this morning. I took a wee selection of things to keep me occupied, including my knitting. I got some compliments from the nurses on it. :)  Unfortunately I think I will have to switch projects as the cardigan I'm knitting has too many fiddly stitches. Maybe something a bit more basic next time.

Anyway, I was in chemo from 11am to just after 4pm (being quite well fed and topped up with plenty of tea by the volunteers). No nausea yet.

After that I went over for my radiotherapy which was a quick wee 10 minute zap, and then home again. My arm that the cannula was in feels a bit funny, but apart from that I feel fine. Back in tomorrow and the rest of the week for more quick zappings. My chemo next week is at 9am Surprised so I might just go for a wee sleep that day!


Hugs and love


Megsmaw xx


Well done, you!

it must be such a relief to know what to expect now. Hope you have some aloe juice, see a lot of people mentioning it.

love, Molly xx

Hi Megsmaw

Pleased that your 1st session went OK, hope the others go OK too.  I smiled at the knitting - I haven't knitted for years and keep saying I will take it up again as it's supposed yo be very calming and stress relieving - not if you have fiddly stitches though!!

Wishing you lots of love and luck with your treatment.



Glad everything went well for you.

All the best for the rest of your treatment.

Becky x

Thanks :)

I completely forgot about the aloe juice but I'll see if I can get along to my nearest Holland & Barrett to look for it.

I find my knitting does keep me calm and chilled out. The fiddly stitches were K3tog for a lace section, but even using a pair of circular needles with the smaller needle  made me move my IV'd hand about too much. I have a wee doll I'm making as a christmas gift that's just st-st, so I'll take that instead.  :)


Hugs to you all and best wishes for your treatments and recoveries.  <3

Megsmaw xx

Good luck and let us know how you get on... I'm just a little bit behind you, start my chemo this Monday 20th oct xx

Hi megsmaw :-)

Glad to hear your first day went well :-) Good luck with the rest of it.



A wee update:

Just about to finish my 2nd week now. I feel good so far, but I'm noticing that smells are triggering a little bit of nausea. I've also noticed that I feel fuller after eating. Just eating a sandwich baguette at lunch fills me up for the rest of the day, which feels a bit weird. I've also noticed that I wake up at weird times during the night.

Some moans: The chairs in chemo are plastic which make you hot and sweaty, and no one warns you about the super stinky bottom emissions. Honestly, it's bad! lol!

I even managed to have a good birthday weekend with family. I was treated like a princess by my husband and daughters, and had a special visit from my sisters who live up north.  :)

Ooh I had a chemo/radio birthday too! Was on a ridiculously limiting diet but went out to a restaurant and handed the diet sheet over to the chef :-)

During the course of treatment, I went right off coffee, though I don't recall how far into the course I was when that happened.

Oh yes the farts, and possibly later on the diarrhoea, it's OK if you can laugh about it yourself but not so funny if it's somebody else laughing!

Interesting to hear your complaints about the chairs in chemo, ours were always covered with paper which made me worry they thought one of us might burst (!) Nice to know now that it was simply an anti-sweat precaution :-) Could you take a blanket in with you to cover the chair?

Good luck with the rest of it



That's me ready for week 4 now. Can't believe how quickly it's all going!

I have my brachy dates now and I have to be at hospital for 7.30am (God!) on friday to get the plastic sleeve inserted under GA ready for the week after. I have an MRI next week too to check how the treatment's went. One of my brachy dates is an overnighter, which I am not looking forward to.  :(

Looks like everything should be all finished by the 20th of this month.


Hugs xx

Megsmaw  :D

Hi Megsmaw

The time certainly does seem to be going quick - and thats a good thing!  The early start and overnighter are toughies but it brings you closer to completion of your treatment.  Hope the rest of it goes as well as possible for you.