My first 3 month check and just started my period

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all keeping well.
I have my first 3 monthly check up tomorrow after my radical trachelectomy.
I’m feeling rather nervous and scared and as my body tends to do when I’m stressed, I have started a rather early/irregular period. It hasn’t been a regular period though, some very bright blood and some dark and almost scabby.
Any way I was wondering as I have to travel to London from Devon for my check ups, if it is still likely my consultant will still be happy to do the checks with me having this bleeding?

I will ring a head to check tomorrow morning but I have to leave at 7 am so will be on the road before the clinic actually opens at 9!!

Thank you in advance for your answers xx


I hope you still went to your check up and everything went OK for you? 


Yes I still went, they were still able to take a full smear and other tests just waiting for results. 

Thank you for your reply xx