My experience!


i thought I’d share my experience having a colposcopy, since I have noticed a lot of women getting ready for theres.

im 25 years old, from Australia and previously I’d had 2 normal Pap smears. 

I went for my routine pap smear in feb ‘18 and I assumed it would all be normal as there has never been a problem.

unfortunately a week after my smear I had a phone call saying I need to go back and see my GP. Of course I was nervous and worried. I knew something was wrong. I went from thinking - it could be inconclusive results to omg what if I have cervical cancer. 

When I went to my GP she told me I had high grade abnormal cells and that was it. She couldn’t tell me anything more or less then that. So I started crying and said what if I have cancer. (I’ve never had any abnormal results in my life, she was quite comforting after I’d said that - she was also surprised I’d never had chlamydia). She said I didn’t have cancer and proceeded to explain cervical cancer to me to reassure me. She told me I needed to have a colposcopy, gave me the referral and sent me on my way. Btw, I never had any symptoms at all.

i called up and was extremely lucky to get in the next day! 

Throughout the Next 24hrs I scared myself silly. I googled forums, videos on youtube, looked up pictures and tried to work out what the likelihood of me getting diagnosed with cancer was.

to my surprise I found out that my stepmom (colposcopy and lletz) and two of my close friends (1 colposcopy) have had abnormal cells. Also a girl I worked with had abnormal results and I knew friends that had friends with the same results. This made me feel a little better and not alone.

my colposcopy!

my gynaecologist was lovely and very reassuring as well as the nurse.

i went into his office and he spoke to me about what I already know and then told me what was going to happen. 

He then explained how to sit on the bed (like a Pap smear) Sit on the edge of the bed, legs in stirrups, towel over you. Then the nurse came in and I got nervous. They said RELAX! The more you relax the less painful it is. So I did my best to relax And took a few breaths. He put the speculum in (which I always find uncomfortable). I decided to just talk to the nurse and not worry about the dr. I found this very helpful, he looked around, took some swap, this was all very easy, no pain at all. He then squirted the vinegar in, it didn’t feel like anything. It sort of warmed up my body for a few seconds but I couldn’t work out if it was the solution or my nerves. He did that for about 5 mins or so and then told me he needed to take a biopsy. I was super worried but he didn’t tell when he was going to do it. He was fiddling around and then I had a really strange sensation, not like a pinch but a weird pull that felt uncomfortable for a second. Literally only a second. Then he says ‘Ok are you ready?’ And I was thinking OMG it’s going to be sooo bad. And he giggled and said ‘well it’s done anyway.’ the relief, that weird feeling WAS the biopsy and he tricked me! After that he put on solution to stop bleeding which didn’t hurt either but felt uncomfortable because at that point I was tense and just wanted the speculum out.

when he pulled it out, I sat up and felt period pain cramping for about 10-15 mins but I was so glad it was over I didn’t care. I also felt dizzy but i  worked out it was my anxiety. I took a few deep breaths and felt better. He explained what he saw and what would happen next. If I had CIN1 or CIN2 he wouldnt do treatment just repeat colonoscopies and CUN3 would be treatment. He said there and then mine looked like CIN1 or 2.

i had light bleeding for a week and period pain very light for a few days. Nothing to worry about. On the second day the black solution he put in to stop the bleeding came out.

i received my phone call a week later (AUS is quick to get results back) I was told a had CIN2 (precancerous cells and no cancer) phew! I have to go back for another colposcopy in 6 months. He said around August September This year.


I know this post is huge but It was something I wish I could have read before my colposcopy! 







Good luck :) 

This was really great to read - thank you! 

I'm 30 and also from Australia. I've had 5 normal pap smears (every 2 years religiously!), however the most recent pap smear returned results indicating CIN3, positive HPV16 and other HPV strains (HPV18 was inconclusive). I'm booked in for a colposcopy and biopsy on the 21st. I was nervous as hell about the procedures themselves, however feel more relieved after reading your post. Now is the waiting game. Fingers crossed all goes well with your next check up :)