My Cone Biopsy Story

Hi all,

Long time lurker here. I read this forum up and down before my cone biopsy but felt I couldn't post before I had the surgery.  I know that individual experiences vary but I wanted to share a good news story with you.

I am 4 weeks post-op from a cone biopsy and hysteroscopy.

I live in Papua New Guinea. Colposcopies, cone biopsies and other treatments are not available in PNG.

Therefore, a CIN2 pap smear led me to a gynocologist in Brisbane, Australia for a colposcopy. After the colposcopy (where she saw no abnormalities) she did another pap smear in which she advised she took cells from 'further up' in the cervix. This showed CIN3 and high grade HPV. 

She recommended a cone biopsy and hysteroscopy so I needed to travel back to Brisbane for my surgery.

On The Day, I arrived at the hospital at 0730am and the admin went very smoothly. The person ahead of me hadn't arrived so my surgery was bumped up. Well, the surgery was done and dusted in an hour! I was expecting to wake up in agony, but the pain was very minimal, more cramping than pain. I hadn't needed a catherter or packing. Once I was awake enough (about 30 mins after waking up in recovery) they moved me to my own mini-room to rest and recover. There, I was given some wipes to 'clean myself up', a giant pad to put on and a nice lunch on a tray. Once I peed (about an hour after being moved to my room) I was allowed to go home. I walked out of the hospital, picking up my antibiotics on the way out, and was home by 1130am.

(I am a tampon girl, so walking around in a giant pad made me feel like a waddling duck!!)

I was told after the surgery that the CIN3 changes were 'very high up' in my cervix and they needed to cut up higher and remove more than was expected. This would delay the healing a bit.  I have been advised that they found nothing of note with the hysteroscopy and cut clean margins during the biopsy. I've been advised to come back for another pap smear in 6 months.

I was a bit groggy for a day or two from the anaesthetic, and very very tired for about a week (I just wanted to sleep) but I didn't need any painkillers apart from the occasional paracetamol for the odd cramp over the next 2 weeks.

For me, the most difficult part was the waiting: first, waiting to see what they would find in the uterus with the hysteroscopy during the procedure and then waiting for the biopsy results, and then waiting for the pain that never came.

My discharge has been pink watery spotting with the rare black speck. I only needed panty liners.

However, 2 days ago it changed to creamy brown with a hint of yellow. I'm back in PNG now so I can't see my doctor but I have a pile of antibiotics with me so I've started taking them in case it's an infection and emailed my doctor to get confirmation. Since there is no pain, no fever and no bad smell, it might just be 'me' *fingers crossed*. I'll let you know how it goes!

If anyone has any Qs I would be happy to answer them with as much or as little detail as you want. We all need to stick together!!


Hi Pola, just read your post. How are you feeling now?