My colposcopy

Hi everyone,


I had my Colposcopy today and the lady who did it was nice as were the nurses and student midwife watching in the room. 


The good news is I can go on my dive holiday in August and it is not cancer. If I need treatment they can do it when I come back.


However, when they put the acetic acid on my cervix it did go quite white over quite a large area so I was told that I do have abnormalities. They did not give me an idea of which CIN level I have. If it is white over a large area is it more likely CIN 2 or 3? They took 3 punch biopsies and a nurse held my hand as I was nervous and found the pinch from the forceps uncomfortable. Results will be sent to me via letter in 4 weeks detailing what CIN level and any treatment methods if needed.


How long does it take for the period like cramps to go after punch biopsy? I have been told to avoid sex, swimming and baths for 7-10 days. 


Also, when I asked about treatment if I needed it they said they do lletz for CIN 3 and a 'probe' treatment for CIN 2. What is this probe treatment? Can't find anything about it on the web.


Thanks xx



I had my colposcopy and biopsy a week ago. I was told that I would most likely need to go back for treatment as it was worse than what my smear indicated, but they didn't elaborate at mine either!

Anyway, I felt really sore for the rest of the evening and a little sore the next morning but I went back to work the day after and spotted for four days afterwards but I think everyone is different. The pain didn't last more than 24 hours for me. Hope this helps and good luck with your results, guess we just have to be patient now!




I had my colposcopy last week and have still got a tad of the gritty discharge they mentioned I'd get, and the cramping has stopped now - lasted about three days. Glad you didn't find it too distressing.  Well done.