My colposcopy & LLETZ experience

Hi guys, newbie here. Just thought I'd share my experience since I know I did a LOT of googling prior and I just want to reassure anyone worried about the procedure who may stumble upon this via the great hypochondria-inducing search engine itself!

So I'm 26, had my first smear 16 June, the results by letter about 4 days later (high grade dyskaryosis), and my colp appointment through the post one week ago for today, 1st Jul - so speedy!

Wasn't too worried about my results initially. My main worry, as terrible as it sounds, was the thought of having treatment and not being able to exercise, bathe or have sex for 4-6 weeks... what else is there to do?! But I did a load of googling which scared me, and when I called the hospital to try reschedule, they advised me not to as they needed to see me 'urgently' -- to me, this was basically a cancer diagnosis and I've been a nervous wreck for the last 5 days after that, crying every night, super irritable and just generally not being with it.

I decided to just go today and get it over with, went on my own as just thought it'd be like a smear! I thought it'd just be the colp but they were immediately talking about the treatment I'd be having today just due to my abnormalities being severe - I started crying at this point dunno why, think the stress just overcame me.

So first they made me do a urine pregnancy test, then I undressed and got up on the weird little chair thing, like a short bed where your legs are up in cushioned rests. There were 2 nurses who chatted to me throughout, the doctor who performed the procedure, and the main consultant guy who mostly just observed what was on the screen. All were REALLY nice and reassuring when I started crying, always asking if I was okay, and not telling me too much about what was going on. The screen was in view so could've looked if I'd wanted but felt it wouldn't be a good idea with my nerves!

I'd read a few times the local anaesthetic they administer isn't pleasant, honestly I have no idea when they even injected it, guessing it was when they told me to cough. Didn't feel it at all. Didn't even feel numb, assumed my legs/bum etc. would go numb but they didn't. Was able to drive home no problems.

It took like 15 mins, where I was waiting for the pain to start and it just didn't then they were like 'finished!' I was gobsmacked. 

Could smell the cauterisation but it wasn't horrible (some people say the smell is horrible), just a kind of burnt rubber smell. I think the first bit was worst as was so nervous, the speculum felt bigger than at my smear as was bit more uncomfortable (could be because I was totally relaxed for my smear), but still definitely not painful whatsoever.

They offered me a pessary painkiller afterwards which I was totally up for, didn't know it would be going up my rear end lol. Then they gave me a sanitary pad.

Felt fine immediately afterwards, but they tell you to sit outside for 10-15 mins after, which I did, then I started to get really dizzy and clammy, the sort you usually get with bad period pains so I got up to go splash myself with cold water, but got really disorientated and super dizzy, ended up kind of clinging to a wall before some nurses found me and put me in a wheelchair and let me lie in a hospital bed for a while with a fan next to me, and took my blood pressure. They were SO nice and concerned, couldn't have asked for better treatment.

I tend to be quite squeamish anyway, I had a similar almost-faint experience when I had my nose pierced and sometimes at school when we had injections. 

Driving home felt a bit uncomfortable and crampy (like average period cramps), I feel totally painfree now  (4-5 hours later) so dunno if the pessary just took a while to kick in or what. Just feel a bit tender like I don't wanna move too much.

So apparently the results come through by post in 4-5 weeks to see whether need more treatment, then will be due my next smear in 6 months. The doctor actually said 'it's not cancer, wit would show up if it was' which I was surprised at as thought some people got their cancer diagnosis a few weeks after LLETZ, but very welcome news nonetheless, just reassuring.

Obviously I've yet to see what post-LLETZ recovery is like so don't want to count my chickens but so far so good! It's really made me think about how much I worry and stress over things needlessly - this last week I've been a wreck - but at the end of the day, all we can do is look after ourselves and be proactive with our health, get stuff checked out and nipped in the bud if needed, rather than burying one's head in the sand and worrying yourself sick. I got to a point where I was like, even if it is cancer there's sweet FA I can do about that now, literally no point worrying!

Anyone worried about this procedure - PLEASE PLEASE don't, seriously! :)