My colposcopy is today Feeling very nervous

Today I'm getting my colposcopy done aim feeling very nervous now I just want it to be over. I'm more scared of the fact I will need treatment and whether it's painful I suffer with panic attacks and no matter how much in the last 24 hours I've said to myself it's ok I can feel I'm getting very anxious, can't stop myself. I found the smear test uncomfortable and some points slightly painful mainly when the spectrum was opened wider and that shouldn't hurt so how will I cope with more than that :( glad when today is over. Unfortunately my appointment isn't til late this afternoon x

Hi Saztag,

I hope it goes well for you today. As soon as you get there make sure you tell them that you suffer from panic attacks and that if it comes to treatment you really would prefer to have it under GA.

Let us know how you get on xx

Thank you

Hiya, mine was late afternoon too the waiting doesn't help at all, 


as as mentioned tell them soon as that you suffer from anxiety and that you will see how you cope once they are taking a look as to weather

you can manage with the treatment under local, I was shaking like a leaf before and during then afterwards I thought well that wasn't so bad and I worked myself up in to a right state 

but I think that's just us as women we worry and stress, it really isn't too bad and no different to getting an actual smear and the bed is more comfortable 

and the way your positioned is more comfortable I found anyways, please do try to relac whilst in there sorry if this is tmi but I was so tensed up the spe

Speculum pushed back out which made it worse, try breathing techniques too.


Massive hugs and best of luck xxx

I also suffer from panic attacks and a phobia of all things medical. The first 2 times I didn't get treated due to having a panic attack.  Third time lucky I went and was treated with a local.  It really wasn't as bad as my imagination or Google horror stories thought.  Do u have any relaxation tapes or mp 3 you could listen to today either before you go or while you are there?  You could also get some diazepam from your gp or get a GA instead of a local.  Just think of getting through today don't let all those what if thoughts swamp you,  leave them for another day.  Update us on how you got on.

Thanks yeh I have some diazepam I'll take one in a min doc gave to me when she told me I had H/g. Trying to keep busy and working on my website and looking after my 2year old and will soon have company xx

Thinking of you. Let us know how you are as soon as you can xxx

Hi Hun hope all went well x

I went in and the doctors and nurses were very nice explained I was going to have treatment straight away by local so I was brave and said ok and told them I was nervous and suffer with panic attacks. They took me through and I took off my pants and leggings I had a dress on. I out my legs in the steroups and the nurse helped me get comfortable. Then the doctor inserted the spectrum and started I kept asking the nurses what was he doing and they kept me up to date I couldn’t look at screen he nurse could see it was freaking me out the nurse held my hand and my husband held the other and they kept chatting to me about everything and anything to keep me calm. They done lletz and he took a lot away unfortunately there was a lot to take away and took him some time and I bled a little but I made it through. I’m in a lot of pain now think everything’s worn off so taking more paracetamol. He suspects it was cin 3 but told me to wait for results from biopsy going to take 6-8 weeks. I’m glad I had it done there and then just sore. I did cry and shake in there but the nurses and doctor was great. Now off to bed shattered. Thank you everyone who asked over me today was so nice to read xxxxx

Well done. I'm pleased it all went well,  I hope you have a speedy recovery.  Lots of tlc. Xx

Hi glad to read you survived your lletz! I'm sure the anticipation is actually worse than the procedure itself. Take care x