My cervix isnt healing after having treatment last year

Hi all, had two procedures last year to remove the cells I had. Smear test in November said I was clear of the abnormal cells, and to have another smear test this year.

Since last year Oct, my periods have been really messed up. Lasting longer than usual, bleeding after sex, pain in the area. They originally thought I had a polyp (but the doctor dismissed that as it was very small) but today I went to see the gyne consultant who did a quick check and said it is probably caused by the area hasn’t healed yet.

Has anyone else had this problem?? He has booked me in for another appointment to basically burn the area to stop the bleeding (that could explain the reason why I bleed after sex?) And also suggested that I go onto birth control pills to control the really heavy periods…

I really don’t want another round of treatment as it was really painful, but don’t understand why it hasn’t healed yet :frowning:

Sorry to hear about all your problems. Just to be clear I am post menopause. I had lletz all results clear but my cervix just didn’t heal after it and that was June this year. I’ve been back to the clinic the gave me 2 options….suffer the symptoms or have a hysterectomy. I was shocked as my uterus is perfect. I said no that I’ll wait and see if my cervix heals, but I’m still bleeding ( not much) every day. I have to wear pads all the time. The dr said I just had a really bad reaction the the liquid bandage they used after the Lletz and they never saw that before??? So I’m waiting for my next visit to see if they can help stop the bleeding without such radical procedure of hysterectomy and the can of worms that could open.

I’d like to hear if anyone else has ever heard of this problem?