my cc treatment journey

first week done woop… one more radio today (saturday to make up for bank hols) …radio wasnt too bad just waiting around the worst did feel rather sick and actually vomited on day chemo was due dr gave me extra meds …went in for chemo as planned had bloods taken hg was was too low so was told needed tranfusion blood had to be crossed matched which took two hours so got sent off to get my radio first,blood came back had to have 3 units which took six hours in total hats off to my friend who sat with me all day was long bloody day, but tbh do have colour as was milk bottle white and everyones commented on how well and rosy i looked ,lol… anyway they postponed chemo day til next day it was already made up so early start put canula in had to tweak with it cus it was painful hit valve and that took three hours to get pumped in,didnt feel any different …was ok did pig out bit on pizza as hadnt eaten properly days before got bit tired did go bed early , had hot sweats in the night woke up with red face looked like had sun burn which faded later,took my meds as directed only probs i had was feeling bit queasy now and again get acidy feeling and bit mucus ,felt bit odd yesterday and just the emotions got better of me,didnt sleep too good last night kept waking up prob due to steroids…cjx

First week done x fantastic. 


The nurse should be able to give you something for acid I had to take something daily till after my treatment and still ended up with acid reflux although I don't hear too many people who had the same x

Hopefully the rest of your treatment will go pretty smoothly x 

fingers crossed hoping it will run smoothly too...thanks for all the tips tho, its all helping and will deffo mention the acid thing just more bothersome after i eat and certain things trigger it more then i get the queasy feeling did try bit gaviscon last night got that bad did help bit tho ..x