My brother has saved me!

Today I got the results post lletz. Severe precancerous cells and squamous cell. This was my first smear aged 30 and I only went and had it done after my twin brother passed away from unexpected stomach cancer in June 2016. He ignored symptoms and as a result it was found at an advanced stage. I was told to have a smear 6 years ago after a premature labour and I shrugged it off so after watching him pass in just 5 months I finally decided to get it done. Thanks to him they've found it early, If he hadn't of passed away I probably still wouldn't have gone for one. Cone biopsy booked for 12th December, fingers crossed for clear margins

I am so sorry you lost your brother. It's odd how we feel invincible until somebody else proves otherwise.

Be lucky :-)

I'm so sorry for your loss! And I'm sorry that you have received your diagnosis, hopefully it will prove to be early stage, it certainly sounds that way. Well done for being able to see such positives at such a difficult time. It really is great that your brother spurred you into action! 

What a lovely legacy he has given you - your life and the chance to raise your children. I am happy for you and sad at the same time Jayne