My blog - if you need some support believing

Dear all

it has been 4 1/2 years since I last posted on this forum. I had just been diagnosed with advance cervical cancer and given a 30% chance of survival. I am very much here to tell the story and wanted to share my blog in case anyone needs a bit of help believing they can get through it. if i can help at all, please reach out. Much love, Natalie

Natalie - wow. Although I have not been diagnosed with CC, your blog was an absolute inspiration. Upon reading your blog, I got such an understanding of the person you are and it almost makes me feel like I know you, just from reading it. You have one of the strongest mind sets I think I have ever come across. And you actually reminded me - of me. In a crazy way! I have always loved performing, although I am a singer and a dancer lol.. Not part of the acting scene. Australia being one of my favourite places in the world too! I had, and still have dreams to travel there one day. I had plans to travel there 2 years ago, but I met my current partner a couple of months before I had planned to go and he changed my whole world - we now have a beautiful baby boy together. Funny how life can throw you in a completely different direction to the one you were heading in! I just wanted to tell you how much you have inspired me and I am sure many more other women, even women who haven't experienced the same thing. You certainly did me! I really do send you all the blessings that I can possibly send.. Along with the all the luck in the world in you being able to fight this horrible disease from your body! You have an amazing family by your side and amazing friends and with all them beside you, you have all the strength in the world! Please accept this massive cuddle from me, not just for what you're going through, but also for sharing your story and giving so many other women hope! You're such a brave, strong, inspiring women - and I will pray that you kick the sh*t out of this nasty unwanted disease!! Really really hope you do!!! I have all the faith in the world :) all my blessings and love to you.. Xxx

Hi Natalie,

i love your blog! It's so well written, honest, sad and also funny. thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more. 

Love Tess xxx


Thank you so much Tess. So pleased you are ok. Much love xx





Thanks so much for this lovely message. I'm so pleased that all is good for you and that you enjoyed it. I'm finding it very therapeutic to write and hope it can give ome hope to others. Congratulations on your little boy. I took Indyana travelling around the world when I had finished treatment so maybe you can get to Oz one day with your lovely family. It's amazing. Take care and much love, Natalie x


You have inspired me more to absolutely go travelling! That's what life is about.. Making the most of it and enjoying each and every moment! Reading your blog has also made me realise that you shouldn't ever take life for granted cause you just never know! I certainly don't and won't ever take life for granted! When my boy is a little older - we will plan our travels! It makes me excited just thinking about it lol.. Thank you again for sharing your amazing journey - I look forward to reading more! Lots and lots of love x

Hi Natalie thank you so much for sharing-had me in bits! I had radical hysterectomy about 10 weeks ago, my head is such a mess this last week, was so good to read some of your blog, when finished all my bits tonight I hope to read more xxxx All the best, am keeping you in my prayers xxx



Hi there. I hope it is not too honest at this time for you. Just know that you can get through it all. if you need any help or thoughts please let me know. xx