My 2nd Lletz in 4 months CIN 1 - CIN 2/3

Hi everyone, I would like to share my Leep/Loop/Lletz experience.

Last December 2023, I was diagnosed as having CIN 1, HPV positive.

Had the procedure under general anaesthetic.

2 weeks after, went back to my doctor for a follow-up and as well getting the biopsy results. Was told that I went from CIN 1 to CIN 2/3.

My doctor surgeon, suggested a hysterectomy as the next step. He did not rush me into. And my first reaction was shock and definitely hesitate right from there. I asked him to explain everything to me so that I could understand the need of hysterectomy procedures.

In the end, I was given the choice of another Leep/Loop/Lletz procedure to be done. We agreed with that instead of hysterectomy, but provided he let me have a short break, 4 months before the next procedure.

He was actually reluctant to wait that long in the beginning but relented.

So my 2nd Leep/Loop/Lletz done on the 26th March 2024.

…and today, 28th March 2024, just half an hour ago, my doctor called!. And he was so excited over the phone, telling me that I am cleared!. Lab results came back I am cleared and he couldn’t wait to share the good news with me over the phone, bless him, he is such a good and kind doctor!.

Ok this is what I did during that short 4 months period break/“pause”. I hope these supplements/Vitamins can help others too.

Once I hit that 1 month after my 1st Leep/Loop/Lletz procedure, end of Dec 2023, I ordered and took these supplements and vitamins everyday without fail but stop one week before my 2nd Leep/Loop/Lletz which was on the 26th March 2024. (Pls note: cordyceps can thin your blood, it’s best to stop a week before any surgery.)

1 tablet of Magnesium Glycinate 200mg (get the ones without rice flour in the ingredients.),

1 tablet of Vit. D+K 2500iu,

1 tablet Vit.B-100 complex,

2 capsules of 7 blend mushrooms extract and complex (lingzhi, shiitake, Trametes Versicolor, maitake, cordyceps militaris, cordyceps sinensis, agaricus blazei Murillis),

2 capsules of Brazilian green propolis extract 400mg,

2 capsules of YunZhi -Turkey Tail.

1 capsules probiotic 20 billion.

I am now adding nigella sativa/ black seeds to the above, by sprinkle them on my food.

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Hi Roxa,
That is brilliant news.I am trying to clear mine with 3g AHCC and lactobacillus crispatum probiotic.I also take vit c,vit B complex,vit D,vit K,iron and magnesium.Fingers crossed!

Thanks Emur. It was a great relief.
Saw my doctor yesterday for my follow-up /check-up appointment and he was quite happy with both, the healing and the results, even though I am still having light brown discharge.
And I will be seeing him again in 3 months.

Right now, I am waiting for my one month period post surgery before I start again with my mineral vitamin+mushroom supplements.
The net weight per capsule of my Turkey Tail aka YunZhi (AHCC) is 446mg and the other 7 mushroom blend extract 600mg plus blend mushroom complex 400mg per capsule.
Recommended dosage: 2 capsules for the blend+complex and up to 4 capsules for the Turkey tail.

Your vitamins, minerals & AHCC supplements are on the right track, hope they help you as much as they did for me. Even my breast cysts were giving me some uncomfortable pain for the last few months last year, now they are, how should I put it….almost gone or tiny-mini minimal discomfort!. :relieved:
Good luck with yours. :crossed_fingers:

Hi Roxa,
I don’t have Turkey tail but I may look into that.I’m taking Quality of Life AHCC and they are very expensive.I’m getting blood tested next week for something else but I’m curious to see if there will be any changes in white blood cell numbers.Maybe it’s too early though.I ordered the Lactobacillus crispatum probiotics and the silly delivery driver left them at my neighbours who were on hols.This culture is meant to be kept between 2 and 8°C so now it may be destroyed.I’m very pissed off! I’m dreading the results of my LLETZ.absolutely dreading them.:frowning:

Hi Emur,
Oh no to your Lactobacillus crispatum probiotics. So sorry for you and you should be angry because those good quality probiotics are not cheap.

I was kind of frustrated from my HPV positive, CIN 1, LLETZ procedure, slow healing, to a sudden jump of CIN 2/3 (high risk), and the recommendation to do HYSTERECTOMY in just a short timeframe notice >> during my 1st Lletz recovery.

So out of frustration, I took those super-power blend extract+complex mushrooms and Turkey Tail together, daily. :grin:
Even my doctor were completely surprised, reading out the lab paper results yesterday, haaa

Yes, please do some research on Turkey tail, you might find lots of information out there. I did and that is why I added it into my list of super immune/‘anti-abnormal cell’ supplement.

Good luck with your results, I know exactly how you feel but never give up :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yeah that was a very quick jump from CIN 1 to CIN 2/3 to recommending a hesterectomy.But then again don’t most doctors just keep an eye on CIN1 rather than do a LLETZ so it was just as well that the doc was that proactive. Thank God you have cleared yourself of HPV.That is amazing and it gives me hope I can do the same.I sent an email of complaint to the company I bought the probiotics from so I will see what they say back.