Mum's Cervical Cancer - Advise needed please

Hi Ladies,

I wondered if anyone can help me with my concern, my Mother has Cervical cancer and has had Radiotherapy once on the cervix and once on the lymph nodes at the base of her spine. They have advised us that the Tumour will not go away and they can just control it, it is still the same size as it was two  years ago.  I was at my Mum's today and she said she had a sore stomach and that she was losing some blood. My mother had leaked on the sofa so we got her new clothes to wear and together we ensured she was clean. I was really concerned at the amount of blood that she had lost also they were massive blood clots that were the size of the Sanitary towel that she was wearing. I was wondering if anyone could please let me know if this is normal with Cervical Cancer and if anyone has experienced this. My Mother is one of those people who doesn't like to cause a fuss and says she is fine but I am really worried. Can anyone please help with a little advise and guidance.......Thank you so much. KORKYNORTH 

Hi Korky,

It's difficult for any of us to comment on what you describe because most of us were treated for pre-cancer or early stage CC and from what you say it sounds like your Mum's situation is more complicated than that.

i think though that if you are worried you should get her some medical advice. She may not like to cause a fuss but she should not be struggling on on her own and fear makes us make choices that may not be in our own best interests. i would be inclined to call NHS choices for some advice if you think it's urgent tonight or otherwise try to get in touch with her consultant or GP tomorrow.

good luck x


yes I agree with Rosehip. Another point of contact would be Macmillan or the helpline on here.

good luck xxx