Mum just diagnosed with Advanced Cervical Cancer


My mum is in her 60s and had a routine smear in November. Just afterwards she started to experience some bleeding from her vagina and bladder. She has MS and self-cathetarises so initially it was assumed to be something to do with that but at the appointment, the doctor mentioned her smear test had come back with an abnormal result. Within days she received a letter for a Colposcopy.

They couldn’t find the cervix easily and said everything was completely swollen but took two biopsies. She was then called for an MRI within 24 hours of that appointment. The result is she has Cervical Cancer that has spread to her uterus and bladder, possibly also the lymph nodes in the groin.

My mum has been experiencing urine infections continually for about three months but this isn’t uncommon with MS so wasn’t really a warning sign. We acted immediately when the bleeding started. She has been told they will not operate at this stage but she may have radiotherapy and chemo.

When pushed the consultant gave her 50/50 chance of recovery but was very reluctant to give anything away.
I am concerned that the MS might hinder treatment and I cannot really gauge whether there is any chance of this situation being turned around.

I can't give you any advice but wanted to give you lots of love. I have just been diagnosed  with advanced cc and am just waiting for my treatment plan.

My sister had multiple sclerosis - the progressive degeneratI've type. I feel I can relate I can relate to you on both diagnosis but not both at the same time.

The only people that can give you advice are the specialistsbut to be honest, ms is so unpredictable,  I doubt they will know either x 

Just big hugs to you and your mum x 

I really can offer any advice but didnt feel I could read and run. Just wanted to pass on a big hug. Xxx

Oh bless you runikka.

Huge hugs to you and your mum. I don't know much about MS but I can tell you that for the rest of us, chemo-radiation therapy is not nearly as fearsome as it sounds.


Be lucky :-)

Hi I have advanced CC and have finished my treatment so if you want any advise or talk you can message me xx

Thank you so much for your messages. Well, it is worse than feared. The lymph nodes in the locality are affected and there is concern that something has been seen on one of her lungs, although we are waiting to hear for sure. Chemo has been more or less ruled out currently due to my mum's MS but she is going to be given five treatments of radiotherapy to stem some of the symptoms and they may reconsider (depending on CT result).  

So sorry to read this runikka. Sending you and your mum lots of love and hoping you have a pleasant surprise soon.


hi carmel, my mum suffering cc stage 2b going to start her treatment soon.. but now her weight just 40kg.. i am so worry abt the side effects. may i know how u cope with it and any side effects?

Hey hunni I was really poorly with my treatment i was constantly sick and went to skin and bone as I couldn't eat either. I found eating little and often, strong tasting or sweet food was best for me as I could taste it as I always had a horrible taste in my mouth. I also constantly ate fruit and I still do now, I went off a lot of food so I ate what I enjoyed and could keep down - it became abit  a game with my body :-)

as I lost so much weight I went to 6st and even less, I couldn't physically walk and was in pain as my skin was so sensitive so i spoke to the doctor and they gave me what's called build up milkshakes they taste weird but theyre drinkable. They also do juices, yogharts all sorts of things. You can also ask to be referred to a dietitian if that's how you spell it (really tired atm) she advised me to eat a load of dairy, like adding cheese to soups or meals, drinking full fat milk, eating youghats etc. She also told me to graze as much as i could and not to worry if I didnt want to eat. 

I have now gained nearly 2 stone and I saw her  think in November where I was 6st, I have been the doctors tonight (got a bad back and hips :-() and I am 7st 12 :-), all I've done is eat lol! When ever I feel peckish I eat BUT I have finished treatment and I've got my appetite back.

she will be ok, just be patient and don't go on about her losing weight and eating as it stresses you out and makes things worse xx

Carmel, what stage of cc u diagnose? My mum is 4th stage and tml will start her 1st chemo. How u cope with it?

So sad that my mum today ct scan result out bcom stage 4... heart so worry 67 yrs old hv to suffer chemo by tell me what food she can eat?