Mum Bleeding Post Menopause

Hi everyone. I stumbed on this website while frantically searching the web. I'm posting about my Mum who's 49. She went into the menopause at around 35 which was really early, but the rest of the women in her family had the same issue. Anyway, today she whispered to me that she's been getting some light bleeding and she had sore breasts and stomach pain. This only happened today, out of nowhere. I gave her some feminax for the pain, which seemed to ease it a little but she was still sore.  She had a brain haemorrhage back  2 years ago, and I remember her having some spotting back then when I washed her knickers for her while she was at the hospital, but it didn't cause any concern as it didn't continue after that. I'm beside myself with worry because I read way too much to cope with stuff (I did the same when she had her brain haemorrhage.) Plus, we're only all starting to recover from the incident with her brain. We're making an appointment at the GP today at 9am when they open, but I guess I'm just looking for some advice or reassurance.

Is she up to date on Smears? That said, follow up with Gp.

And what did GP say?