Multiple LLETZ - are they likely to find cancer if they didn't the first time?

Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of this, as I won’t have the opportunity to ask my consultant now until after my next procedure.

I had my first LLETZ in early June following a smear result of high grade severe dyskaryosis. I was then recently advised that this found changes in both the skin cells and the gland cells, and that a further LLETZ is now required as they can’t be sure they got all the gland cells.

Separately to this, I’ve had 2 recent incidents that are symptomatic of advanced cervical cancer:

  1. My ankles and feet swelled (edema) in the recent heatwave. So probably heatwave, right?
  2. I’ve developed lower back and sciatic pain. Probably because I’ve gained weight and been incredibly inactive over the pandemic, and I have herniated a disc before (though the sciatic pain was on the other side).

However, aside from the original incident that spurred me into going for my smear in the first place, I don’t really have abnormal bleeding or discharge etc. which seems to be the most common symptom, or any pelvic pain.

So I’m just wondering, because it’s hard to find people’s experiences on this kind of niche thing online, has anyone had a further LLETZ procedure find cancer, when the first one did not? Is it likely that someone could have advanced cervical cancer that would not show up on the analysis of the first LLETZ?

I’m quite calm about it, I just wish the back/sciatic pain had started sooner so that I could have asked the consultant a couple of days ago…

I hope the below may help,

I had high grade severe dyskaryosis on my smear and went in to have LLETZ procedure, 6 weeks later I had a call to say that one of the edges was not clear and they needed to do a further LLETZ but under GA, the reason for this was due to them needing to go in deeper and wouldn’t be comfortable under local. They then changed the procedure to a cone biopsy which when trying to find information out found there’s not much and it’s not very common so then I started to panic and think the worst!
I got my results back last week to say they have got all the area (bad cells) and that I don’t require further treatment, just a check up in 6 months.

When I spoke to the consultant with my results from the first procedure which showed as CIN III he advised that in his 40 years of doing it he has never had the results come back as cancer when a second procedure is needed.

I hope the above may help in some ways.

Thank you, I know there’s no certainty with these things but I really appreciate you sharing your experience.