Multiple Letz procedures


In September 2020 i had my first abnormal smear. Since then i have had 3 letz procedures the last of which was done in surgery. From the last procedure they have not managed to get clear margins. Today i had a smear and awaiting the results of this before i find out what happens next. Just wondered how many letz procedures other people have gone through.

I do have my miracle baby however im not sure im ready to give up on the prospect of another. I feel a bit emotional and broken today.

Hi Jemm. just wanted to send a response as I know how awful this all is. I think all you can do is be guided by what the doctors say is best. I can’t imagine having anymore LLETZ, although I am guessing that’s their next step as I am done with having more children. Its awful how this all can break you - stay strong and lean on others/talk. I am fortunate to have an amazing consultant and team who really get the emotional side and hope you do too x