Multiple HPV strains

Hello, this is my first forum. I’m 22 years old. In August of 2018, I went in for my third Pap smear and the result came back as abnormal, showing ASCUS. My doctor then tested me for HPV and a week later I found out that I was positive for 3 strains of high risk HPV (51, 53, 68). A biopsy showed that it was CIN1.

It was very stressful especially since I was not in my home country and I don’t really speak their language (Korean) and had to use google translator to talk to the doctor. She told me not to worry and to come back for a follow up test in 3 months. Unfortunately, due to exams and other matters, I haven’t went to see a GYN yet.

Currently, I am back in my home country for the winter break and have made an appointment to see a GYN this Thursday. I’m really nervous and scared that the result might get worse because I’ve been having this mild cramps in the lower abdomen. I’ll keep updating you guys on the result later. Meanwhile, I was just wondering if anyone on this forum has been diagnosed with multiple HPV strains like I am? 

Hi I'm am hpv 16 n 18 and high risk gcin booked in for procedure on 29th of January it is very worrying an stressful i work myself up into a mess reading up too much about it Hz did ure app go 

Hi, sorry for the late response. I haven’t checked in for a while. During my doctor appointment, she did a colposcopy and she thought that it looked pretty bad and assumed that it was either CIN2 or CIN3 so she suggested me to do the LEEP procedure. And, I did! I had my procedure on Jan 14th. They put me to sleep during the procedure so I couldn’t feel a thing. And, I had a bit of mild cramps for 2 days after that then I was fine. A week after my LEEP procedure, I had a follow up appointment in which the doctor said that I no longer have HPV 51 but now I have HPV 18 in addition to the 53 and 68. Also, they took my cervical tissue to get tested after the procedure and it turned out that the dysplasia was CIN1 LSIL. Anyhow, I don’t regret that I got the LEEP procedure since the abnormal cell area was quite large (covered more than 3/4) and also because I am infected with multiple high risk types. My doctor also suggested me to take a bunch of antioxidant supplements to keep my immune system up so that my body could clear the virus. I hope your appointment goes well! Good luck :)


August 2018

- abnormal pap smear showing ASCUS.

- tested positive for 3 high risk HPV types (51, 53, 68)

- a biopsy shows CIN1 

January 2019

- had a colposcopy, doc thought it was CIN 2 & 3

- had the LEEP procedure 

- follow up result: CIN turned out to be CIN 1 and LSIL, no longer tested positive for HPV 51 but HPV 18 instead in addition to HPV 53 and 68