Multiple colpo biopsies?

Had a colpo done yesterday, still in pain from it and the procedure itself was ver painful for me. Almost accidentally kicked the doc. So heres me back story.... no paps for about 9 yrs and for the last year constant severe pain in my left kidney area, that radiates to my back then sharp severe burning cramplike pain in my lower pelic area a couple dozen times a day. The crampers bring me to my knees extreme fatigue and weakness in my legs along with either constipation or diarrhea and nausea. Got my pap done got a call 3 days later saying hsil. Tranvag ultrasounds done, found a cervical lesion with irregular borders on and in my cervix. So on to the obgyn for a colpo. For myself any penatration of any type are excruciating for me so the colpo hurt from the begining, then he took 5 biopsies one from each quadrant and an extra on one quadrant. Now its the waiting game and going nuts in the mean time, can someone please offer some insight on my delema.

I don't know about your other symptoms. Maybe someone else can speak to that. But I can say that in my case, it was a good 5 years between paps. They took 4 biospies at my colposcopy. Came back CIN3 so had me set up LEEP/LLETZ the following week. They think they got it all so I'm all clear until my next check-up in 6 monthes. If your biospies come back with high grade abnormalities, the next step would depend on how far into the cervix those cells go. But even if the lab results aren't great, the good news is that most of the treatment methods can  be done under general anesthesia. So you wont have to be awake for the penetration part if you dont want to. The most common treatment, LLETZ/LEEP isn't always done that way but I think you can probably insist they putting you under. I'm not sure if that helps ease your mind any. It's always the waiting and lack of clear information that's the killer. Hang in there!