Multiple Biopsies, Different Results


I have HPV 16 and have had abnormal paps for 3 years. I'm 32. The biopsies taken during a colposcopy in September 2017 were all good and showed no abormal cells. The doctor said my cervix "looked great." I just went back for another pap and colposcopy (yes, waited more than the recommended 6 months!) where the doctor took three samples to biopsy. Two samples were negative but one of them showed CIN2 or CIN3. (The doctor told me CIN2 but when I read the results they said CIN2-3). While doing the colposcopy, the doctor felt fairly certain that she'd end up recommending a LEEP and that my biopsy results would come back with high grade changes. 

I'm wondering if it is common for only one of the biopsies to come back with cellular changes? Has anyone had this before? 

The doctor recommended a LEEP. I'm trying to get pregnant soon and would rather avoid it. It seems really invasive and scary. I don't have much support here and would hate to be stuck on bedrest or have other serious complications. The doctor is also "not trained" in cyrotherapy so that wouldn't be an option with her. 

I guess I'm trying to figure out how bad this all is. I had definitely convinced myself I had cervical cancer, so I do feel a bit of relief! 

I'm going to get a second opinion but would love to hear from others who had inconsistent biopsy results. 


Hi Star515

I suspect that the biopsies were all taken from different areas and therefore only one area has the abnormal cells,which is a good thing as they won’t need to remove a large area of cervix. 

I’m not sure about cryotherapy but it would be worth looking into as an alternative if it’s as effective. 

Good luck xxxx