hi ladies hope you our all doing good. I have a little question regarding my mri to see if treatment has worked (everything crossed it has!!) I was told it will be just of the pelvic area, I really thought it would be a full body for extra precaution to make sure everything is ok?? Is it standard to just have one of the pelvic area or is it just the hospital I'm with? Because I no sometimes things can differ between hospitals. I'm probably sounding thick! But I really thought a full body to give a definite answer regarding remission. If any ladies who have had there mri could let me no I would be grateful. Thank you!

take care




Hi honey,

yes, MRI most likely to be of pelvis, that's what I had. They would prob be checking lymph nodes and ovaries. I had ct scan to check elsewhere. But you were really early stage, so they probably think there would no chance of anywhere else, and are just being extra cautious with the MRI. Try not to worry. 

Molly xx

Hello Donimique -

I had MRI scans before treatment but during treatment & for follow up scans I had CT  of chest, abdomen & pelvis.  It may be the policy of your treating hospital.  I can see why you might be concerned, if you are really worried you could always ask the Oncologist about it and maybe they will do CT if you're anxious.


Hi Dominique,

My post treatment MRI was just of the pelvic area, which like Sharon's included lymph nodes and overies.  My understanding is that the post treatment scan is a really detailed scan and if they were to do a full body MRI scan you would be in the scanner for too long to make it comfortable.  I have since had another pelvic MRI, a pelvic CT and a full body PET (well ears-knees).  I am sure they will keep a really close eye on you and provide you with any additional scans that are required along the way. 

I wish you the very best of luck with your results, enormous hugs.

Love Mandy xxx

Hi Dominique

I’ve had a few MRI’s and it’s always only been pelvic, but that does seem to include chest (lungs) and abdomen. They only gave me this even after they thought I had metastasis after my 1 year check, even my ct and pet/ct were only in that area! And I have private medical insurance so can’t be a cost issue?

I would guess (and hope) that it covers everything they need to see.

Good luck
Ali x

Thanks ladies for all your replies, it means a lot! It's all such a worry isn't it! I will speak to my oncologist about my concerns when I see her next. I just don't want to come across neurotic! Or as if I'm looking for problems! Because I'm really not! I just wanna know for sure whats going on with my body! Because I was living my life normally not knowing I had cancer! So it just worries me because it's a sneaky disease isn't it. 

take care ladies



Hi Dominique

I'm due for my post treatment MRI scan next month and have been told it will be pelvic and abdomen.  It was the same before treatment started too. I would give your CNS a ring and ask, it may not be necessary for an abdomen one in your case but is definitely worth querying.



Thanks Cheryl I will good luck with your scan to hun xx

It is a sneaky disease, you aren't wrong there!

Just for the record, my follow up exams are every six months. In October I get CT scans of chest, abdomen and pelvis but in April I get a CT of only the pelvis and the chest is just an X-ray.

And who cares if you come across as neurotic? You don't live or work with them :-)

Go well


Thank you tivoli xx

You're welcome sweetheart :-)